Kim Kardashian West dressed like Aaliyah for Halloween—to mixed reviews

Screengrabs via Kim Kardashian/Twitter


Kim Kardashian West had a busy pre-Halloween weekend, paying homage to Cher and then showing off a striking Madonna costume. But she evoked plenty of controversy on Saturday night when she tweeted herself dressed up like Aaliyah.

People were pissed that Kardashian West—who was accused last summer of using blackface to help promote a new beauty line—dressed up like the legendary R&B singer who died in 2001 at the age of 22.

Kardashian West explained on Twitter that she was honoring some of her favorite musical legends.

Kardashian West also had her defenders.

Whether you agree it’s appropriate for Kardashian West to dress like Aaliyah, there’s one undeniable truth at play here: No matter what Kardashian West does, half the people will love her for it and the other half will hate her.

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