Passenger films Jet Blue agent screaming at her after flights were canceled

‘Ok but what happened before this?’: Passenger films JetBlue agent screaming at her after her flight got canceled. It backfires

‘The abuse airline employees get from customers is REAL.’

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woman with caption 'it's kind of strange that three planes today had a malfunctioning issue' (l) person holding phone with jetBlue logo (c) woman with caption 'um it's fishy' (r)

‘It’s fishy’: JetBlue traveler says plane delayed because 80 TV screens are out—and 2 other flights had ‘malfunctioning’ issues. What’s going on?

‘It took me 10 hours to get to Florida on jet blue.’

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woman with empty cup and hands up (l) woman pointing on airplane (c) jetblue supervisor escorting woman from plane (r)

‘This is how you get on the no fly list real quick’: JetBlue passenger says flight attendants wouldn’t serve her drinks because she’s white. It backfires (updated)

‘Somebody visited the airport bar before takeoff…’

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Guy in grey long sleeve in vehicle

‘Never prioritize a job; always yourself’: JetBlue worker of 3 years says he was fired over 13 hours of time off

‘A job is A JOB.’

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JetBlue passengers stranded in Bermuda

‘JetBlue did us dirty’: Woman says JetBlue left passengers stranded in Bermuda for 8 hours ‘without food or water’

‘They have been lying to us for hours.’

On by Brooke Sjoberg

JetBlue couple threatens sue

‘Let it go viral’: Couple berates JetBlue flight attendants after getting kicked off plane in viral video

The incident occurred after a dispute over face masks.

On by Kathryn Cardin

Bridesmaid asks for plane ticket refund after getting dumped by the bride-to-be.

Bridesmaid dumped by the bride asks JetBlue for a flight refund

She does NOT want to go to this wedding anymore.

On by Kris Seavers

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