JetBlue passengers stranded in Bermuda

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‘JetBlue did us dirty’: Woman says JetBlue left passengers stranded in Bermuda for 8 hours ‘without food or water’

‘They have been lying to us for hours.’


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A woman says she and other passengers were stranded in Bermuda while JetBlue staff addressed a medical emergency for nearly an entire day, drawing mixed reactions from viewers.

In a series of videos posted by @dajees.sisters1, the poster shares that she and other passengers were told that the plane had to make an emergency stop at a Bermuda airport to address a medical issue. According to her, they were told they could deboard the plane to stretch their legs and grab a bite to eat at the airport. However, the airport was closed, and passengers were unable to have a meal at the airport, she says.

@dajees.sisters1 People sleeping all over the floors. People here with babies. No food no water. They have been lying to us for hours. Every time they “update” us the news is even worse #jetblue #jetblueairlines #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #trending ♬ original sound – Dajee’s sister

“Not only that, they locked the doors and locked us inside the airport,” she says in the video. “Nobody asked to be locked inside the airport. An hour goes by—and they tell us we was going to be there for one hour—an hour goes by, and they tell us they was looking for pilots to come out there.”

@dajees.sisters1 #jetblue #jetblueairlines #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #trending ♬ original sound – Dajee’s sister

The TikToker says she was told different things by staff justifying the continued delay until she was informed that crew members were at a hotel for their mandatory rest period. Her primary source of concern, she says, was that the passengers who were in the airport were not allowed to retrieve any snacks, drinks, medication, or other necessaries from the plane, nor were they offered any at the airport.

@dajees.sisters1 They treated us like prisoners and not passengers #jetblue #jetblueairlines #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #trending ♬ original sound – Dajee’s sister

At one point, the airport began to open up and the JetBlue passengers were led to one side of the airport to be “locked in,” the TikToker claims. Even with the airport opening its kiosks, the creator says they were still not allowed to purchase any food or medical items they needed. In addition, the TikToker claims the medical equipment in the plane were “all expired,” rendering them useless when the time came to use it on the passenger.

“JetBlue did us dirty,” she says. “We are not selfish, we’re not mad that we had to land in Bermuda because someone had a medical emergency, that was not the case, OK. We was upset at all the stuff that came with it, all the lies that these people was telling us, lies after lies after lies.”

@dajees.sisters1 Last part and im out . Wont be speaking to yall about this again. I said what i said #jetblue #jetblueairlines #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #trending ♬ original sound – Dajee’s sister

The Daily Dot has reached out to @dajees.sisters1 as well as to JetBlue via email regarding the video.

This is not the first time a JetBlue flight has allegedly left passengers stranded, and several commenters wrote that they had similar experiences with the airline.

Some viewers were initially critical of her videos showing the passengers stuck in the airport, with a few writing that this is a possibility of air travel she should have planned for.

“I hope that the person is okay,” one commenter wrote. “Sorry this happened, but they may have had to get the passenger some med attention. All airlines might do this.”

“What exactly could JetBlue have done differently in this situation maam,” another user said. “Medical emergency needed to land and had to rest before flying again.”

“When you travel by plane then you accept the risk that there may be delays,” another shared.

Others wrote that those critical of her response to being, as she described, left in a locked airport for an extended period of time without accommodation, were missing the point.

“I get why they had to land and ensure everyone safety, but once everything ok, when do they help the passengers or get accommodations?” one commenter wrote.

“These comments need to be understanding. It’s extremely frustrating to be stuck in an airport thousands of miles from home not knowing when you go home,” another viewer commented.

“Y’all are wild, the issue is they have no food, no drinks…..people shouldn’t just be left like that, in a closed airport with nothing,” a user said.

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