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DeSantis team immediately blames media, claims conspiracy after Iowa called for Trump

They claimed the media wanted Trump

On Jan 15, 2024 by Marlon Ettinger

Vivek Ramaswamy(l),Steve King(r)

Vivek Ramaswamy says he’s ‘proud’ to be endorsed by Iowa’s infamous, white nationalist former congressman

He's polling at about 6% in Iowa.

On Jan 3, 2024 by Katherine Huggins

Ron De Santis; Be Likeable Ron! Sign flown over Iowa

‘Be likable, Ron!’: DeSantis gets mercilessly heckled during Iowa visit

Tough crowd.

On Aug 14, 2023 by Katherine Huggins

sign for the Iowa caucuses in window

4chan trolls attempted to clog Iowa caucus results hotline

'Uh oh how unfortunate it would be for a bunch of mischief makers to start clogging the lines.'

On Feb 6, 2020 by Nahila Bonfiglio

The woman claimed she'd never heard that Buttigieg is gay

Woman asks to withdraw vote after she finds out Pete Buttigieg is gay

'I don't want anybody like that in the White House. So can I have my card back?'

On Feb 4, 2020 by Samira Sadeque

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Shadow posts apology for its failed Iowa caucus app

'We sincerely regret the delay in the reporting of the results of last night’s Iowa caucuses...'

On Feb 4, 2020 by Mikael Thalen

2020 Iowa caucus

What we know about Iowa’s ill-fated caucus app

2020 is off to a roaring start.

On Feb 4, 2020 by Nahila Bonfiglio

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Carly Fiorina campaign takes aim at ABC with #LetCarlyDebate

The campaign claims the debate is 'rigged.'

On Feb 6, 2016 by William Turton

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Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump says he’s making a second-place finish in Iowa great again

'The J stands for jenius.'

On Feb 4, 2016 by Michelle Jaworski

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Samantha Bee expertly skewers GOP candidates in a preview of her new show ‘Full Frontal’

She's back!

On Feb 4, 2016 by Michelle Jaworski

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Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Twitter-battled over the nature of liberalism

Was Clinton's team feeling the Bern?

On Feb 4, 2016 by Aaron Sankin

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Rand Paul drops out of GOP presidential race

'Today, I will end where I began.'

On Feb 3, 2016 by Andrew Couts

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Donald Trump says Ted Cruz ‘stole’ Iowa with ‘fraud’

Trump hit the Cruz campaign for allegedly lying about Ben Carson.

On Feb 3, 2016 by Patrick Howell O'Neill

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Microsoft’s vote-counting app worked well in Iowa despite a few glitches

Overall, the app worked well. But it wasn't without its failures.

On Feb 2, 2016 by Eric Geller

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The real winner of the Iowa caucus was #stickerboy

Make stickers great again.

On Feb 2, 2016 by Aaron Sankin