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Carly Fiorina campaign takes aim at ABC with #LetCarlyDebate

The campaign claims the debate is ‘rigged.’


William Turton


Carly Fiorina is being excluded from tonight’s Republican debate, and her campaign is sounding off on social media with the hashtag #LetCarlyDebate.

Fiorina’s main beef is that she polled higher than Chris Christie and John Kasich in Iowa, but still isn’t being allowed on the debate stage. However, the requirements for tonight’s debate are based on New Hampshire poll numbers, where Fiorina is polling low.

The Fiorina campaign has accused ABC, which is hosting the debate, of participating in a “rigged” game. Fiorina’s deputy campaign manager, Sarah Flores, has sent out several tweets denouncing ABC.

CNN reports that ABC has no plans to offer Fiorina a last-minute invite to the debate. 

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