Marjorie Taylor Green(l), Jim McGovern(r)

Marjorie Taylor Greene puts forth bizarre ‘suit jacket’ bathroom allegation against Dem criticizing her DHS impeachment effort

Say what?

On Feb 6, 2024 by Katherine Huggins

Ilhan Omar

‘Just a member of Congress retweeting fake pics’: Ilhan Omar shares decade-old image of deceased Syrian children attributed to Israel-Palestine war

The image was used in a 2013 National Geographic story about Syrian children killed by chemical weapon poisoning.

On Oct 16, 2023 by Katherine Huggins

Ilhan Omar speaking into microphone in front of light gray background (l) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaking in to microphone in front of black and red background (r)

AOC, Squad hit with backlash for voting to prevent railworkers from striking

The popular progressives voted to avert a nationwide rail strike.

On Dec 1, 2022 by Jacob Seitz

Portraits of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Nancy Mace side by side

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Nancy Mace are engaged in an epic, days-long Twitter feud

The feud began after Mace criticized Lauren Boebert's remarks about Ilhan Omar.

On Dec 1, 2021 by Claire Goforth

A side by side of Illhan Omar and Lauren Boebert.

‘Sad she thinks bigotry gets her clout’: Ilhan Omar slams Lauren Boebert’s ‘made up’ anti-Muslim elevator story

Now people are calling for Boebert to face repercussions.

On Nov 26, 2021 by Claire Goforth

Ilhan Omar

‘Muslims are terrorists’: Ilhan Omar shares racist voicemails following comments on Israel

'Every time I speak out on human rights I am inundated with death threats.'

On Jun 10, 2021 by Colleen Cronin

A girl in front of a camera

Ilhan Omar’s daughter’s TikTok hits back at conservative outrage over her Twitter bio

'Twitter conservatives are obsessed with me today...'

On May 21, 2021 by Mikael Thalen

Ilhan Omar

Facebook won’t remove ad accusing Rep. Ilhan Omar of supporting Hamas

The lawmaker's aides say the ad 'peddles both hate speech and misinformation.'

On May 20, 2021 by Mikael Thalen


Video resurfaces of Marjorie Taylor Greene wanting Muslim congresswomen to retake oaths on Bible

'We're going to explain about how you can't swear in on the Quran.'

On Jan 28, 2021 by Kahron Spearman

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This voter fraud insider touted by Trump runs a non-existent organization

Project Veritas taps questionable 'whistleblower' for 'ballot harvesting' video.

On Sep 28, 2020 by Zachary Petrizzo

Ilhan Omar Donald Trump Mean Girls

Ilhan Omar responds to Trump attack with a ‘Mean Girls’ GIF

Trump once again brought up that Omar wasn't born in the U.S.

On Sep 23, 2020 by Andrew Wyrich

woman calculating student loan interest payments

TikTok of woman crying while talking about her student loan debt goes viral

Holly Polly did not hold back.

On Aug 31, 2020 by Kahron Spearman

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Rudy Giuliani shares fake meme of Ilhan Omar at ‘al-Qaeda training camp’

Here comes another fact-check for the photo that just won't quit.

On Jul 22, 2020 by Colleen Hagerty


What the Ilhan Omar is an anti-Semite slur is really about

"Wasn't there a guy who killed a bunch of ppl at a synagogue,"

On Jan 14, 2020 by Libby Cohen

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Ilhan Omar responds to ‘Give Ilhan a Gundam’ memes

Gundam gang, rise up.

On Jan 10, 2020 by Alex Dalbey