The Pentagon

The Pentagon admits it had a secret UFO program

Tens of millions of dollars are being spent.

On Dec 17, 2017 by Tess Cagle

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Harry Reid wants you to remember Trump is a ‘sexual predator who lost the popular vote’

'The election of Donald Trump has emboldened the forces of hate and bigotry in America.'

On Nov 11, 2016 by Andrew Couts

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In savage new book, an anonymous Congressman details how to fix Washington

'God help us.'

On May 25, 2016 by Aaron Sankin

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10 awful comments about the Charleston shooting—and one that’s painfully true

The more these tragedies occur, the more scripted the tweets become.

On Jun 19, 2015 by Joey Keeton

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Congress could shut down the government yet again—and here’s the real cost

It's not just annoying. It's killing the economy.

On Jun 11, 2015 by S.E. Smith

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced his retirement on YouTube

Reid's face may be bruised, but he says that's not why he's retiring.

On Mar 27, 2015 by Kevin Collier

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Senate finally admits climate change is real—but there’s a catch

A schizophrenic viewpoint that only makes sense in the fevered brain of a congressman.

On Jan 21, 2015 by Kevin Collier

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Harry Reid’s poor, busted face looks worse than we thought

This former boxer has never looked quite so beaten up.

On Jan 6, 2015 by Patrick Howell O'Neill

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Sen. Harry Reid breaks ribs and face exercising at home

This is not the most dignified way to step down as Senate majority leader.

On Jan 2, 2015 by Kevin Collier

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Senate may vote on NSA reform as soon as next week

America could have real NSA reform before the end of this year

On Nov 12, 2014 by Aaron Sankin

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People like Emperor Palpatine more than Barack Obama—here’s why

Palpatine/Vader in 2016.

On Jul 23, 2014 by Eric Geller

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Washington Redskins’ #RedskinsPride campaign backfires horribly

The Redskins’ social media team just made a big mistake.

On May 29, 2014 by Ned Donovan

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DOJ to release secret drone strike memo this week

Memo to be released as author faces tough confirmation vote in the Senate. 

On May 21, 2014 by Tim Sampson

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Senate Democrats could kill ‘fast track’ for controversial trade agreement

"Everyone would be well advised just to not push this right now," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

On Jan 30, 2014 by Kevin Collier

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This simple vine gets to the root of the government shutdown

If only all of Congress could be this competent. At anything.

On Oct 9, 2013 by Kevin Collier