Yard with Pride decorations hung between trees and flags lining brick pathway (l) Pride flag damaged on ground up against tree (c) Pride flags lining brick pathway leading to driveway (r)

‘If one flag bothered you that much, you are going to hate me after this’: Tiktoker lines yard with Pride flags after single flag was vandalized

Several viewers sent the creator Pride flags to fill out his lawn.

On Jun 19, 2022 by Braden Bjella

State Madeleine Albright (l) McDonald's and american flag with sky (r)

‘I’m mournin’ it’: Photo of Guantanamo Bay McDonald’s flag at half mast for Madeleine Albright goes viral

'I'm at the combination Guantanamo Bay and McDonalds.'

On Mar 25, 2022 by Claire Goforth

A Thin Blue Line flag at the Brooklyn Center Police Department

Police precinct involved in Daunte Wright shooting flies Thin Blue Line flag

Police, though, did not put up the flag in the aftermath of Daunte Wright's death.

On Apr 12, 2021 by Mikael Thalen

ripped us flag

No, Michigan did not ban buying American flags

The executive order has nothing to do with it.

On Apr 15, 2020 by Libby Cohen


Is Trump defiling the U.S. flag in this MAGA dude’s artwork? (updated)

People seem to think so.

On Jul 21, 2019 by Tiffanie Drayton

RuPaul is facing online backlash for supposedly posting the wrong trans flag.

RuPaul apparently doesn’t know what the trans flag looks like

This is probably not the best way to apologize to the trans community.

On Mar 6, 2018 by Ana Valens

Vice President Mike Pence

Family welcomes Mike Pence to Aspen with ‘Make America Gay Again’ banner

This is the kind of 'MAGA' that Mike Pence needs in his life.

On Dec 30, 2017 by Samantha Grasso

flag memes

National flag memes mercilessly mock every country on Earth—and get a load of Greece

No country is safe.

On Jun 28, 2017 by Jay Hathaway

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Mike Pence showed support of Israel but he tweeted the flag of a completely different country

Always double-check your flags.

On Feb 25, 2017 by Josh Katzowitz

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Yaaaassss: The pride flag emoji is finally here

LGBT folks have been begging Apple for the flag for years.

On Aug 1, 2016 by Mary Emily O'Hara

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What putting a flag filter on your Facebook photo actually does

What's the occasion?

On Nov 25, 2015 by Sara Lautman

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Black man organized Obama’s Confederate flag greeting in Oklahoma City

Meet Andrew Duncomb.

On Jul 16, 2015 by Dylan Love

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The curious origins of Russia’s new ‘straight pride’ flag

France's 'La Manif Pour Tous' designed the flag—and stands in opposition to homosexuality.

On Jul 15, 2015 by Dylan Love

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Russia unveils a ‘straight flag’ to combat ‘gay fever’

Yet another way for those of alternative sexualities to be alienated in Russia.

On Jul 14, 2015 by Dylan Love

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South Carolina State Senate votes to take down Confederate flag

The vote sets up another vote and then an almost-certain signature by the governor.

On Jul 6, 2015 by William Turton