John Poulos and woman taking selfie with twitter community note that reads 'The user who posted this tweet is now charged with murdering the woman in question'

‘Made me fall out of my chair’: A ‘charged with murder’ fact-check about a first date success story is the ‘wildest’ Community Note ever

Nothing can prepare you for this.

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Daily Mail, Bored Panda condemned by trans activists for posting transition photos for clicks

The publications posted ‘before and after’ photos without trans people’s permission.

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Melania Trump to receive an estimated $3 million in defamation suit against Daily Mail

‘We apologize to Mrs. Trump for any distress that our publication caused her.’

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Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May

Daily Mail puts world leaders in sexist ‘Legs-it’ competition on its cover

This is what happens if you’re a woman in power who also happens to have legs.

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‘Britain’s best-looking couple’ is Britain’s best new meme

Sorry, hot people—you lose this round.

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Lego ends partnership with controversial British tabloid after one man’s protest

Everything is awesome now.

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The Beckham pacifier controversy reveals an ugly truth about parental shaming

Parenting is a constant exercise in insecurity, because it’s impossible to get completely right.

On by Dana Norris

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J.K. Rowling insists her Harry Potter play isn’t a prequel

It will, however, give us more info about our favorite wizard.

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Pieces of Russell Brand’s ‘ethical’ clothing line were allegedly made in sweatshops

He responded and said he was not aware of it.

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Watch these exes play the most awkward drinking game ever

‘Do I ever pop into your head while you masturbate?’

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How to throw the best/worst social media party

Nimrod Kamer is creating the future of nightclubs through the use of social media and armed drones.

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Background check your date with this Google Glass app

Facebook-stalking your blind date is about to get so much easier.

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Robbers target man with disability on Facebook

After inviting the men over to play video games, Paul Miller and his family were robbed of more than $19,000 worth of belongings.

On by Jordan Valinsky

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Twitter won’t reveal parodist’s identity, hearing set for September

An attorney for the anonymous Twitter user who parodied a UK newspaper CEO has filed a motion to keep his client’s identity under wraps.

On by Kris Holt

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George Michael goes on Twitter tirade

The musician didn’t need much prompting to let out his unfiltered rage. 

On by Christian Yoder

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