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‘Britain’s best-looking couple’ is Britain’s best new meme

Sorry, hot people—you lose this round.


Samantha Grasso

Internet Culture

Hot people, they’re just like us! They participate in fitness competitions just like us, they get their skin tanned and teeth whitened daily, uh, just like us. They also aren’t above getting third-degree roasted on the internet. Just. Like. Us!

On Monday, the internet proved no one is safe from getting memed after the Twitter account for the Daily Mail‘s women-centric vertical shared a story about an extremely good-looking couple.

The story is fairly insignificant to the memery—two very good-looking citizens of England are engaged, and they work out and primp together so that they’re “always prepared for the catwalk.” Barf.

But the memes. THE MEMES! Within the hour of the @Femail account (also, barf) tweeting out the story, the internet shared photos of the pairs they really think deserve the title of Britain’s best-looking couple.

Admittedly, scrolling through the memes made me realize just how little I understand British pop culture and comedy, but the staples stood out—Brexit, Boy George, the Smiths, Benedict Cumberbatch, that guy who took a picture with the EgyptAir hijacker and, well, Brexit.

Good job, British internet. Now if you could just throw in a few Harry Potter references next time for good measure, that’d be great.

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