Amazon will now crowdsource answers for Alexa

Amazon has faith that trolls won’t pollute Alexa with bad answers.

On Sep 12, 2019 by Mikael Thalen

Donald Trump

The rise of crowdsourced journalism in the age of President Trump

It turns out some of Trump’s political donations have come from people who don’t exist.

On Apr 25, 2017 by David Gilmour

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This map shows where trans people can pee without harassment

If our president won’t provide protections, these businesses will.

On Feb 24, 2017 by Ana Valens

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Gaze upon 118 bird migrations in one mesmerizing GIF

Researchers crowdsourced observations from birders to make it.

On Jan 23, 2016 by Cynthia McKelvey

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Google dangles free Drive storage to get you to write more restaurant reviews

Google is offering free Drive storage to people who post restaurant reviews on Google Maps.

On Nov 17, 2015 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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Ask strangers to reply to your texts so you never have to be a human again

You shouldn’t need help texting. Just be yourself.

On May 25, 2015 by Selena Larson

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You can contribute a body-part selfie to this artist’s interactive collage

‘PartsPartsParts’ is a crowdsourced masterpiece.

On Apr 6, 2015 by Miles Klee

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Sweden wants to help Daniel Radcliffe stop smoking

No one wants to remember Harry Potter as the Boy Who Lived to Die of Lung Cancer.

On Feb 2, 2015 by Aja Romano

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Online astronomers helped scientists discover an incredibly rare galaxy

Citizen science has come a long way.

On Dec 2, 2014 by Patrick Howell O’Neill

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The hypocrisy of GoFundMe’s abortion politics

GoFundMe allows crowdfunding for organizations working to ban abortion, but not to have one.

On Sep 12, 2014 by Susan Rohwer

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This app will make you hate your job even more

Don’t ask a question you don’t want to know the answer to. 

On Jul 2, 2014 by S.E. Smith

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What are ‘remote-controlled humans,’ and why is Kickstarter funding them?

To change the channel, press a button on your TV clicker. To get someone to buy you a 12-pack of beer, press a button on Zabosu. 

On Jun 19, 2014 by EJ Dickson

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Fake Craigslist ad sends mob to unsuspecting man’s house

This household had no idea a disgruntled neighbor advertised their belongings as a free Craiglist giveaway.

On Jun 5, 2014 by Aja Romano

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Twitch wants to turn the unlock screen into a crowdsourcing platform

Twitch could be to crowdsourcing what Twitter was to blogging.  

On Jun 5, 2014 by Aaron Sankin

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Crowdsource yourself a helicopter ride to the Hamptons with this app

And you thought Uber was sort of douchey. 

On May 19, 2014 by EJ Dickson

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