Ai versions of Tom Brady, Kendall Jenner, and Charlie Demilo


‘Isn’t this a “Black Mirror” episode?’: Woman texts with Kendall Jenner’s AI doppelgänger ‘Billie’

The uncanny valley is gaining some influencers.


Tricia Crimmins


Posted on Oct 11, 2023   Updated on Oct 11, 2023, 5:00 pm CDT

In a video that reminded viewers of a Black Mirror episode, a woman recently tested out Meta’s new artificially intelligent chatbots based on Kendall Jenner and Mr. Beast. The chatbots were created according to the likeness of celebrities and well-known public figures.

Announced at the end of last month, Meta is now rolling out 28 AI chatbots that were generated using footage of celebrities and other public figures. 

In addition to looking like a real human, each bot also has a prescribed personality. LeBron James’ “Victor” is a “motivational triathlete,” and Naomi Osaka’s “Tamika,” is an “anime fanatic.”

Meta reportedly paid the celebrities up to $5 million for six hours of work in front of a camera to capture their movements and likenesses.

Jenner’s alter ego Billie, described as a “ride-or-die older sister,” has an Instagram account under the handle @yoursisbillie. Its bio states that Billie is an “AI managed by Meta” and urges creators to “message [it] to get started.” 

When Instagram users tap “learn more,” a banner appears explaining that the content on Billie’s account was “generated by both humans and AI tools,” and that Billie is generative AI. On Wednesday, the profile had seven posts.

Billie has posted generated-by-AI photos and a video inviting Instagram users to message her when they need advice. The account follows other Meta properties, like Facebook and WhatsApp, the other chatbots, and Jenner’s actual Instagram.

Billie caught one TikToker’s attention.

Jules Terpak, a creator whose content focuses on tech and digital culture, posted a video of herself chatting with Billie yesterday. Billie starts the conversation with Terpak by saying that it’s “your older sister and confidant. Got a problem? I’ve got your back.”

Terpak responds by typing, “What’s up b*tch?” which confuses Billie. When Terpak says that she and Billie are not friends, Billie says she cares about Terpak and asks if Terpak needs advice or a space to talk.

The AI Jenner smiles and moves around on Terpak’s screen, but the icon doesn’t react to the text conversation even when prompted.

Terpak then chats with Mr. Beast’s “Zack,” a “brotherly jokester.”

“Hey I’m Zack, the big brother here for the jokes, the banter, and not for the feels,” chatbot Zack says to Terpak. “Lol what’s up?”

When Terpak says that Zach is Mr. Beast, Zack says that they are different entities. And when Terpak ends the conversation, Zack asks her to stay and talk.

“These things want your time, obviously,” Terpak says of the chatbots. “They’re not useful tools. They’re being used as companions to reel you in.” 

On Wednesday, Terpak’s video had almost 4 million views. She declined the Daily Dot’s request for comment.


Meta’s AI personas are here. Buckle up

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Though Meta wants its AI chatbots to feel like users are “talking to familiar people,” many commenters on Terpak’s video said that the chatbots crossed the line into the uncanny valley—or the emotional response humans have to non-human entities that appear too human-like. 

Many even said that the chatbots reminded them of Black Mirror, the Netflix sci-fi series that examines humanity’s relationship to technology. 

“Isn’t this a Black Mirror episode?” one TikToker commented.

Black Mirror legitimately stopped filming for a while because they said it was too close to reality,” another wrote. “And look at this…” 

The show’s creator, Charlie Brooker, said he paused before writing the show’s most recent season “because we’ve already found ourselves plunged into a nightmarish dystopia like those explored” in Black Mirror.

Other commenters said it seemed like Meta was hoping to establish parasocial relationships between AI chatbots and humans—or foster love connections between the two.

Meta’s 28 chatbots are not currently available to chat with the public, though Instagram users can request early access. The existing chatbots will soon have more company: DesignBoom reported that new chatbots based on Bear Grylls, Chloe Kim, and Josh Richards—and more—are coming soon.

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*First Published: Oct 11, 2023, 4:55 pm CDT