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People are losing it over these contact lenses with built-in computers

‘Black Mirror’ nightmare or the future of porn?


Mikael Thalen


The internet doesn’t quite know how to handle the news that we may soon have contact lenses with computers built inside.

A viral tweet depicting the technology, which could allow humans to visualize everything from email alerts to driving directions, has people feeling spooked, intrigued, and outright confused.

The lenses have been in development for several years by engineers at the University of Washington. And although they could undoubtedly aid humans in a range of areas, Twitter users had ideas of their own.

While some imagined visions of a dystopian future, others saw the lenses, unsurprisingly, as a way to discreetly watch porn or cheat on tests.

As exciting as the technology is, many just felt that the contact lenses would be unbearably uncomfortable or overwhelming.

But of course, there are always countless people willing and ready to try out the latest technology, even if it means sticking circuits and gadgetry right onto their delicate eyeballs.

At the end of the day, the internet can’t decide whether computerized contact lenses represent a dystopian Black Mirror future or the next great leap in technology. Regardless, superhuman vision could just be a few years away.

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