Google Stop Selling To Police Petition

Justice Department sues Google over advertising monopoly

The Justice Department said Google wanted to become 'the be-all, and end-all location for all ad serving.'

On Jan 24, 2023 by Jacob Seitz

wooden gavel on laptop

Activists, tech firms join together for upcoming ‘Antitrust Day’ of action as bills loom in Congress

'A bipartisan, overwhelming majority of Americans support strengthening our antitrust laws.'

On Mar 24, 2022 by Jacob Seitz

The arm of a car production line

Concern over big tech’s encroachment into the auto industry raised by internet rights’ groups

'The expansion of Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook into the auto sector spells trouble for workers and consumers.'

On Jan 25, 2022 by Andrew Wyrich

image of the google and apple logo in front of a technology background

Big tech is big mad over a pair of antitrust bills in Congress

The tech giants are going on the offensive.

On Jan 19, 2022 by Andrew Wyrich

Lina Khan (L) and Jonathan Kanter (R).

FTC, DOJ say they want to toughen up merger guidelines

The new guidelines could see more scrutiny for big tech companies.

On Jan 18, 2022 by Andrew Wyrich

photo of a man using the Oculus VR gaming system

Facebook’s VR unit is reportedly being investigated by the FTC

The scrutiny over Oculus comes as the FTC has already set its sights on Facebook.

On Jan 17, 2022 by Andrew Wyrich

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pursing his lips while speaking on stage.

Facebook fails in attempt to get FTC’s antitrust suit thrown out

The FTC's lawsuit can move forward.

On Jan 12, 2022 by Andrew Wyrich

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and FTC Chairwoman Lina Khan

Facebook refuses to recognize Biden’s FTC as legitimate

They keep trying to have her recuse herself.

On Dec 2, 2021 by Andrew Wyrich

FTC Chairwoman Lina Khan and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook wants court to dismiss FTC’s monopoly lawsuit

Facebook once again is claiming that FTC Chair Lina Khan is 'biased.'

On Oct 4, 2021 by Andrew Wyrich

FTC Chair Lina Khan testifying in Congress.

Lina Khan says her FTC will prioritize cracking down on recent ‘surge’ in big-tech mergers

She has support from progressives, and says she'll focus on 'rampant consolidation.'

On Sep 24, 2021 by Andrew Wyrich

New York State Attorney General Letitia James next to a letter signed by 32 other attorneys general supporting the House antitrust bills.

32 state attorneys general call on Congress to rein in big tech

The states said they were 'very supportive' of the package of bills.

On Sep 22, 2021 by Andrew Wyrich

A phone showing apps for big tech companies including Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple.

‘America has a monopoly problem’: Groups urge House to pass big tech antitrust bills package

The bills would be a 'major step forward in restoring competitive markets,' the groups wrote.

On Sep 3, 2021 by Andrew Wyrich

A side by side of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and FTC Chairwoman Lina Khan.

FTC gets more time to amend its antitrust complaint against Facebook

The FTC has until Aug. 19 to file an amended complaint.

On Jul 26, 2021 by Andrew Wyrich

Three panels showing Sen. Amy Klobuchar, FTC Chairwoman Lina Khan, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Lawmakers urge FTC to continue Facebook antitrust push

Members of Congress said 'the public deserves no less.'

On Jul 2, 2021 by Andrew Wyrich

FTC Chairwoman Lina Khan testifying before Congress.

‘It’s bullying’: Amazon pushes for FTC Chair Lina Khan to recuse herself from investigations

The move by Amazon was taken by many as an attempt to push back against the Biden administration.

On Jun 30, 2021 by Andrew Wyrich