TOS - This TikTok sound is about embracing your peace

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‘How life sounds’: This TikTok trend is about embracing your peace—and letting go

We're in our unbothered era.


Charlotte Colombo

Pop Culture

Posted on Apr 17, 2024

Life as we know it can have a lot of ups and downs, but in this new TikTok sound, users are encouraging each other to embrace an existence of peace and tranquility. It’s blowing up on social media.

@yuna.batmunkh at the end of the day, no one gaf #relatable #advice ♬ good days – ‍r7ptor

The sound

The sound is a dreamy mixture of nature sounds and uplifting, soulful music. It’s the kind of music that feels rich with purpose and new possibilities, so it’s no surprise that TikTokers are making this sound the soundtrack to their ideal life.

Similar to “the world if” meme, TikTokers are using this sound to discuss some of their dream scenarios. Or, in other words, the one thing that would help their life become as whimsical and idealistic as this sound suggests.

Dream scenarios explored in this trend include how life sounds once school is over, how life sounds once you stop thinking everything is cringe, how life sounds once you cut off that one toxic friend, and how life sounds once you stop thinking about men.


♬ good days – ‍r7ptor

Where’s it from?

This sound is a sped-up excerpt of the instrumental portion of SZA’s song, “Good Days.” The neo-soul song serves as the lead single for her 2022 album SOS

Not only did it make a splash on the Billboard Global 200, it was also nominated for Best R&B Song at the 64th Grammy Awards.

@tatymarier So peaceful 🥰#fyp #viral ♬ good days – ‍r7ptor

Sound off

This version of the sound has been used across 64,800 TikTok videos, but it’s far from the first time SZA has gone viral. Her song, “Kill Bill,” was also the subject of a TikTok trend, and helped SZA catapult into stardom.

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*First Published: Apr 17, 2024, 7:27 pm CDT