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‘Brother ew!’: TikTokers are shook in this grimace-worthy trend. Here are its controversial origins

‘What’s that? What’s that brother?’


Charlotte Colombo

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That One Sound is a column from internet culture reporter Charlotte Colombo that explores the origin of popular sounds heard on TikTok.

Sometimes, a thing can be so repulsive that you can’t even find words for it. It sends a shiver down your spine, spreads a grimace on your face, and makes you feel all kinds of icky. Like this trending new TikTok sound.

The sound

@user72867298 gross🤒 #foryou #foryoupage #viral #trend #tiktok #xyzbca #him #love #situationship ♬ brotha ew – s ᥫ᭡

This sound is pretty straightforward. It consists of a man saying: “Ew, brother, ew! What’s that? What’s that brother?” It’s unclear what he is so disgusted about, but whatever it is, we can assume it’s pretty gross. And that’s the beauty of the internet. It’s universal enough that we can add our own context to it.

The original viral clip, which has been viewed 15.4 million times, is accompanied by the caption: “Me when I see his following list.” And as it turns out, romantic relationships are a hot topic with this sound. A lot of TikTokers are using this sound to poke fun of their… well, unique taste in men, because while hot rodent boyfriends are trendy now, that won’t stop your best friend from roasting you about it.

But because disgust is such a far-reaching emotion, people are applying this sound to all kinds of contexts, from cats becoming overly attached to a stinky pair of shoes, to siblings being shocked that their mortal enemy somehow managed to woo a partner. And there’s just a pair of flared sweatpants which, to be honest, kind of speaks for itself. Real horrific stuff.

Where’s it from?


Brothaaaa EWWWW

♬ brotha ew – s ᥫ᭡

The sound comes from a 2019 video entitled “Are You A Man?! Very Powerful Speech.” The hourlong video, which has amassed 2.7 million views on YouTube, forms part of the Lectures From Mohamed Hoblos series, in which the titular Hoblos gives speeches about life and religion.

The controversial extremist preacher, who is from Australia, has been barred from entering countries like the Netherlands and Germany for speaking engagements. That’s certainly some wild context for your run-of-the-mill reaction meme.

Sound off

@keirajade.x Looking like wendolene from wallace and gromit 😭 pls google the character its identical 🤣 #trending ♬ brotha ew – s ᥫ᭡

Since going viral, the sound has been used in 14,700 videos. Turns out there’s a lot of things people are disgusted by.

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