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Cast, release date, plot, and more.

Westworld season 3 is officially happening.

The announcement arrived May 1—after just two episodes into its critically acclaimed second season—to the delight of fans. Although the renewal came early in season 2, it was a relief to know that there would be a third season to answer even more questions and expand what we know of the parks.

“It’s been an extraordinary pleasure to work with the exceptionally talented Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, as well as their gifted cast and crew,” HBO programming president Casey Bloys said in a statement. “From the inspired storytelling to the incredible visuals, we are so excited to see where the next chapter will take us.”

Our Westworld season 3 knowledge is limited, given how far away it could potentially be. But that has never stopped the internet from going even deeper into the maze.


Westworld season 3 plot

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Little is known about where season 3 will go with season 2 still underway. But per Nolan, the show will be “bigger and more ambitious,” so it’s possible that we’ll see even more of Westworld, the other parks, and even beyond in season 3.

Season 1 took place within the confines of Westworld, whereas season 2 expanded our horizons to the Raj and Shogun World. With three parks completely unexplored, we may learn the names and themes of those parks in subsequent seasons—if we don’t already do so in the second half of season 2.

Given that Westworld has already spent the better part of season 2 beginning to unravel Delos, Inc.’s larger motives for the parks and the hosts, we’re likely to learn even more about the mysterious company that funds Westworld.



Westworld season 3 cast

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Much of the cast for Westworld’s third season is not yet confirmed—and relies on the outcome of the season 2 finale. For many of the hosts, even death isn’t the end; technicians have the ability to bring them back online and even ignore things like fatal gunshot wounds.

In the wake of ongoing conversations in Hollywood about pay equality between actors on a television show, both Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores) and Thandie Newton (Maeve) have confirmed that they will be paid the same amount as their male co-stars in season 3. The comments, which were made before Westworld’s renewal, seem to confirm their involvement in season 3. Wood told the Wrap that she “almost got emotional” after she found out she would receive equal pay.

“[Negotiations are] all happening right now, and yeah, we’re all equal across the board,” Newton told Vanity Fair. “It’s really exciting. It’s unprecedented. It’s – goodness; it shatters so much calcified pain, resentment, frustration. It just shatters it.”


Westworld season 3 release date

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Although HBO’s renewal of Westworld was practically a no-brainer, what’s less certain is exactly when the show will return.

Prior to the start of season 2, Nolan stressed the importance of having enough time to tell the story he and Joy want to tell. The hiatus between seasons 1 and 2 was 18 months, and although he didn’t confirm the timeline, he didn’t shoot down Entertainment Weekly’s question of if he expected season 3 to debut in 2020, either.

“It’s an ongoing conversation with our friends at HBO, and for us, with a show of this scope and scale, we’re not interested in doing the compromised version,” Nolan explained. “We want the show to get bigger and bigger and more ambitious and this takes time. We want to take all the time we need to get it right.”

Westworld season 3 trailer

A trailer for Westworld season 3 is not yet available, but we will update when one becomes available.

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