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If you plan to marry the love of your life, you may as well do something special to commemorate the occasion.

If you and your girlfriend both adore video games, why not ask her to marry you inside of one?

That’s what Joey Russitano, the YouTuber behind Joey Hollywood, had in mind when he decided he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Mary. He had a custom video game created that had a surprise ending: a marriage proposal.

The game is very reminiscent of the Mega Man series and is peppered with personal references to the couple’s history, including a boss fight where they battle a huge VHS copy of Jerry Maguire.

Russitano created the game with the help of pacnsacdave, a friend of the couple who also makes his own YouTube videos. The game is also for sale through Etsy if people are interested in purchasing a copy.

Russitano told HLN that he is planning to make the game into a short film that will have a special Easter egg at the end.

“You’ll have to watch the short film to find out the date of the wedding,” he said with a laugh.

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