Tony Stark will make you feel weird about the Eiffel Tower after watching this clip

Tony Stark is going to great lengths to get you on #TeamIronMan during the latest Marvel press tour—even if that means flirting with a phallic object in the process.

While on-hand for the French premiere of Captain America: Civil War, Robert Downey, Jr., took a nighttime stroll to the Eiffel Tower where he had an inner monologue in-character as Tony Stark. Sure, things aren’t going great with the Avengers, but for some reason he goes to the Iron Lady to seek comfort (instead of a human like Pepper Potts) and a light show.

Is the Eiffel Tower into it? As impressive as it is—as well as suggestive—we should probably also ask why Tony is trying to anthropomorphize an iconic symbol. It’s been a rough day.

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski is a staff writer and the resident Game of Thrones expert at the Daily Dot. She covers entertainment, geek culture, and pop culture and has brought her knowledge to conventions like Con of Thrones. She is based in New Jersey.