Skyrim’s opening scenes look amazing in this Lego remix

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From Star Wars to Doctor Who, there have been a lot of creative Lego remixes over the years. This Lego transformation of the opening to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, however, is one of the most impressive, and luckily it looks like there’s no plan to stop with just the beginning sequence. 

YouTube channel The Guildmaster Studio shared a trailer for a Skyrim webseries in January and has now released the first episode. It covers the first scenes from the video game with a few original additions, such as two cameos you can try and spot. The characters and scenery look great in this Lego world, which is easy to become immersed in thanks to the inclusion of music and sound effects from the video game. It even includes a Lego version of the character creator screen with the customization options options for race, head, and hair.

Considering how long you can get lost in Skyrim, this webseries could go on for quite awhile. After seeing how well the first episode turned out, that’s OK with us.

 Watch the first episode and the trailer for the webseries below.

H/T Kotaku | Screenshot via The Guildmaster Studio/YouTube

Lisa Granshaw

Lisa Granshaw

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