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Grand Theft Auto V gets even better with new ‘Rick and Morty’ mod

Rick and Morty seem like weirdly plausible characters for the lawless world of Grand Theft Auto V.


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw


What could be better than a Rick and Morty mod for Grand Theft Auto V? Two Rick and Morty mods for Grand Theft Auto V.

These mods are as weird as you’d hope, populating the fictional city of Los Santos with dozens of Ricks, Mortys, and Mr. Meeseeks. The YouTube footage makes it look weirdly plausible, with Rick going on a nihilistic urban killing spree in his spaceship. Since the mod just drops Rick and Morty characters on top of existing skins, you also end up with sexy club girl Rick and basically any other GTA role you can imagine.

Naturally, the mods also come with an audio track.

The mods were created by a fan with the screenname Jedidiah515, and you can download them here.

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