Someone created a wrist-mounted fireball launcher

Pyro wrist-mounted fireball launcher.

Taking “fire hazard” to a whole new level.

Imagine “Spider-Man’s wrist-mounted web slinger meets a flamethrower.” You can have it for $174.

Adam Wilber is selling the pyrotechnic device, appropriately named “Pyro,” on This would ostensibly mean the device is meant for magicians and illusionists, and not for pretending you’re a super hero or for lighting trails of gasoline like in action movies. (Don’t try that at home.)

This ad is about 95 percent obnoxiously flashy filler and 5 percent “Dude, he’s shooting fireballs out of his wrists,” so we skipped ahead to the most important part.

You only get four shots to cause whatever mayhem you’re into. The ad says that the fireballs shoot 10 feet, which probably means that’s when the limited amount of combustible material in each fireball burns out. The ad also says you can trigger the Pyro device remotely, though no demonstration of this is given. In fact, very little about the device is explained in the video, so you should to do some additional research before you shell out $174. 

There will inevitably be a string of YouTube videos showing all the various ways to abuse this device. We’ll keep an eye out for them.

Image via Ellusionist/YouTube | Remix by Dennis Scimeca

Dennis Scimeca

Dennis Scimeca

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