18 hilarious Overwatch memes you don’t want to miss

Fans have been cranking out Overwatch memes since before the game even came out.

Dec 20, 2017, 3:32 pm*

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It feels like fans were head-over-heels for Overwatch even before the game came out in 2016. Early promotions gave the game a memorable overview, soon followed by introductions to individual characters. This is normal for a big-budget video game these days. What’s far less common is how quickly fans started cranking out dank Overwatch memes.

Something about this first-person shooter struck a chord with gamers from the get-go. Was it the colorful graphics? The charismatic heroes? Blizzard’s hard-earned reputation for releasing top-notch games? Probably all of those reasons and more. Even as Overwatch approaches its two-year anniversary, it remains among the top fandoms on Tumblr and elsewhere. Fans to churn out hilarious memes each and every day. Here are some of our favorites.

The best Overwatch memes on the internet

1) I thought they looked familiar…

Overwatch memes OverwatchTXT

2) You can feel the disappointment

Overwatch memes Overwatch Memes

3) When your teammates aren’t interested in a well-balanced strategy

Overwatch memes Overwatch Memes Tumblr


4) That time Overwatch artists made a girl’s dream come true

5) Why you make us cry?

6) When Google gets it wrong

overwatch memes reddit OverwatchTXT

7) When it seems like the whole world is out to get you

Overwatch memes OverwatchTXT Twitter

8) When loot boxes let you down

Overwatch memes Overwatch Memes Tumblr

9) No one understands

Overwatch memes Overwatch Memes Tumblr

10) Sometimes you have to draw your teammates a diagram

overwatch meme hispinksunglasses/Tumblr

11) Convincing yourself that it’s just a game

funny overwatch memes Overwatch TXT Twitter


12) Some people are just plain evil

Overwatch memes OverwatchTXT Twitter

13) Sometimes you just want to throw in the towel

Overwatch memes Overwatch Memes Tumblr

14) But seriously, what is Hanzo doing?

Overwatch meme 11 OverwatchTXT Twitter

15) Uh, can we get a healer? Please?

Overwatch memes OverwatchTXT Twitter

16) Did you think we were gonna get out of here without a Strek reference?

Overwatch memes Overwatch Memes Tumblr

17) Who’s the real monster here?

overwatch ps4 OverwatchTXT Twitter

18) It’s nice to feel wanted

Overwatch memes OverwatchTXT Twitter

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*First Published: Dec 24, 2017, 7:00 am