Mark Hamill said FCC chairman Ajit Pai is unworthy of being a Jedi

According to Luke Skywalker himself, the force is not one with FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill on Saturday morning responded to a video that included Pai holding a lightsaber by saying he is unworthy of  wielding the iconic laser sword.

Since the FCC voted to repeal net neutrality on Thursday, the internet has been incensed, and people are taking their frustrations out on Pai, who strongly advocated to repeal the regulations set into place by President Barack Obama and voted for its repeal.

On Friday, the Daily Caller posted a video of Pai explaining all of the things Americans will still be able to do without net neutrality regulations in place. For some of the video, Pai was enthusiastically holding and dancing with a light saber.

Hamill responded by saying, “A jedi acts selflessly for the common man– NOT [lies] to enrich giant corporations. #AJediYouAreNOT.” The tweet was even pinned to Hamill’s profile.

The Daily Caller also pinned the video of Pai defending the FCC’s decision to its Twitter profile.

Meanwhile Baauer, whose song “Harlem Shake” was featured in the video, plans to take legal action against the FCC for not seeking and receiving permission to use his work.

Brianna Stone

Brianna Stone

Brianna Stone is a contributing reporter to the Daily Dot. Her work has been published by the Dallas Morning News, Austin American-Statesman, and USA Today.