Gigi Sohn speaking in front of bookshelf

Gigi Sohn to be renominated to FCC

It's still unclear if she can get through the Senate., though she now faces an easier path.

On Jan 3, 2023 by Karl Bode

Ron Wyden speaking into microphone (l) Edward Markey (r)

Is Democrats’ new net neutrality bill just a 2022 midterms ploy?

Why did it come in August 2022?

On Jul 29, 2022 by Karl Bode

Senator Edward Markey holding paper caption 'I'm Senator Ed Markey We need Net Neutrality +Broadband Justice' on Net Neutrality blue background

Markey, Wyden announce bill to reinstate net neutrality

Despite Democratic control over the Senate, the bill faces an uphill climb.

On Jul 28, 2022 by David Covucci

Ed Markey (l) Gigi Sohn (c) Joe Biden (r)

Democrats are promising a new effort to restore net neutrality—it’s doomed to fail

For internet freedom, the road back is longer than ever.

On Jul 19, 2022 by Jacob Seitz

Protestors advocating for net neutrality rally outside the headquarters of the Comcast Corporation

Democrats reportedly preparing bill to codify net neutrality

The news comes as the Senate has failed to advance the nomination of Gigi Sohn.

On Jul 18, 2022 by David Covucci

EU flag on laptop phone in hand with white gavel on black screen

Europe sets progressive net neutrality standard by banning zero-rating

You can't zero-rate in Europe anymore.

On Jun 16, 2022 by Jacob Seitz

Gigi Sohn speaking into microphone

How the Republican plot to stall Gigi Sohn’s FCC nomination is about to cripple the future of internet rights

Biden's internet 'dream team' may end in a nightmare scenario.

On May 13, 2022 by Jacob Seitz

A person supporting net neutrality with a sign that says 'Save the Internet.'

ISPs, after constantly losing in court, give up fight against California’s ‘gold standard’ net neutrality law

The decision ends a years long legal battle.

On May 5, 2022 by Andrew Wyrich

gavel with california state on it

ISPs handed another defeat in their case against California’s ‘gold standard’ net neutrality law

A California net neutrality law will stand, a US Court of Appeals ruled on Wednesday. 

On Apr 20, 2022 by Jacob Seitz

justice holding wifi symbol and scales

ISPs won’t quit trying to derail California’s ‘gold standard’ net neutrality law

This is just the latest in what has been a years-long legal battle surrounding the law.

On Feb 15, 2022 by Andrew Wyrich

FCC nominee Gigi Sohn

Dems buckle to Republican pressure, agree to have ‘senseless’ second hearing on Biden FCC nominee

The decision to have another hearing after weeks of delays is being criticized.

On Feb 3, 2022 by Andrew Wyrich

protesters hold sign that reads 'content has been blocked by your service provider'

Tech newsletter: California scored a ‘major victory’ for net neutrality. What comes next?

This week's tech newsletter looks at the future of net neutrality, the FCC, and more.

On Feb 1, 2022 by Andrew Wyrich

A person protesting in favor of net neutrality, holding a sign that says 'Keep the Net Free'

‘A major victory for internet users’: California’s net neutrality law upheld by court of appeals

The law has been subject to a years-long legal battle.

On Jan 28, 2022 by Andrew Wyrich

Gigi Sohn, Biden's FCC nominee, speaking at her confirmation hearing.

Gigi Sohn, Biden’s progressive FCC pick, to get Senate committee vote

Alvaro Bedoya, Biden's FTC pick, is also scheduled for a vote.

On Jan 27, 2022 by Andrew Wyrich

Jessica Rosenworcel, nominee to be Chair of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), speaks at a hearing

FCC chairwoman tells Republicans she won’t cave on net neutrality

Republicans told Jessica Rosenworcel last year they didn't want net neutrality rules to be restored.

On Jan 5, 2022 by Andrew Wyrich