Snowfall reveals the dark side of this Polish statue

The founder of a Polish town received an accidental makeover befitting of an evil Sith.

Jakub Wejher was a nobleman who founded the large town of Wejherowo, in the northern part of Poland, in 1643. He still watches over his home thanks to a statue honoring him in the middle of the town square. While he probably doesn’t have as many costumes as the Manneken Pis statue in Brussels, Wejherowo residents will put a Santa hat on him around Christmastime.

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But while the U.S. braced itself for Winter Storm Jonas over the weekend, Wejherowo got some snow of its own. And with a little snow on top of his waves of hair, Jakub Wejher went from a revered figure to none other than Darth Vader, as noted by local newspaper writer Artur Hutnik. Wehjer looked more than ready to begin his reign of terror in this Polish town in the name of the Empire.

Who needs to chase after the Rebellion when you’ve already got complete control over Wejherowo? Wejher has prime real estate right here.

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Michelle Jaworski

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