How do you care for a baby Groot? Chris Pratt calls a pet shop to find out


If previews of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 are to be believed, caring for a tiny talking tree is no easy task.

That’s why Guardians star Chris Pratt attempted to jokingly enlist the help of a pet store employee on a prank call recorded during an interview with BBC 1 Radio. Pratt, doing his best, stilted British accent, asked the store employee how to deal with a “stick bug” that talked to him, using the tricky prank-calling method that forces you to start each sentence with a new letter in alphabetical order.

The best part? The woman at the pet shop was completely unruffled by the strange conversation, which included the line “Zoologically speaking, would you say [Guardians of the Galaxy] is accurate in terms of the stick bug being able to say ‘I am Groot?'”

“She must get some weird people calling her for that to be an OK conversation,” Pratt said after hanging up.

That, or maybe baby Groots happen to frequent pet stores in England. It’d totally be worth the trip to find out.

H/T Hello Giggles

Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber

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