French artist creates a Batman suit made out of bark

A French artist best known for his Just Grow It series of flower-covered shoes has put a new superhero spin on his plant-based art. 

In conjunction with Warner Brothers France and the French firm Splendens, Christophe Guinet, who goes by the sobriquet Monsieur Plant, created an entire wearable Batman suit out of bark, fungi, lichen, and moss.

Meet the Bark Knight: 

“The bark of the tree is like the suit of the superheroes,” Guinet told Designboom, “a protective force. The foam strengthens the balance that exists between the symbiosis of nature and that of this mythical character.”

The suit, as presented on Guinet’s Instagram, consists of a wearable cowl, cape, and chest plate. 

Wearing this suit in a fight against Poison Ivy, the Dark Knight would last for about a tenth of a second. Perhaps the next iteration will be made out of ice. Or penguins.

Photo via Christophe Guinet | Remix by Max Fleishman

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Curt Hopkins

Curt Hopkins

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