worker speaking in car with caption 'supposed to show up to my job at 1030 and it's about to be 1030 right now' (l) worker at beach with caption 'Well I'm at the beach' (c) worker speaking in car with caption 'I need to choose peace' (r)

@333swae/TikTok Remix by Caterina Cox

‘I’ve had 6 jobs this year. What’s 1 more?’: Worker decides to go to the beach at 10:30 instead of clocking in at 10:30

‘I need to choose peace.’


Phil West


Faced with the choice between clocking in at his job at 10:30 a.m. or relaxing at a beach during that magical hour, a worker decided on the latter, figuring, “‘I’ve had 6 jobs this year. What’s 1 more?”

The video documenting this decision comes from Mauricio (@333swae), a TikToker based in West Palm Beach, Fla. It has gathered over 603,000 views in one day on the platform.

The short video starts with Mauricio in his car, confessing, “Supposed to show up to my job at 10:30, and it’s about to be 10:30 right now, but I decided I’m gonna go to the beach instead.”

@333swae Ive had 6 jobs this year, what is 1 more ??? #fyp #iykyk #storytime #mauricioramosss #333swae #part1 ♬ original sound – MAURICIO

Mauricio reasons, “I need to choose peace.”

The video then cuts to a shot of the creator looking very relaxed, saying, “Well, I’m at the beach,” before showing a wave hitting the shore as proof.

In the comments section, Mauricio used all caps to declare, “ONE THING ABOUT YOU ALL IS YOUR GOING TO SUPPORT ME” and “I LOVE IT HERE IDC.”

Indeed, his commenters did not disappoint.

“Sometimes I randomly call off work to remind myself I have control of my life,” one viewer said.

“Honestly, life is just so draining,” another remarked. “I really don’t stress off keeping these lame jobs anymore.”

“Right!!!” exclaimed Mauricio. “Esp when you can find the same paying job anywhere.”

“This is how i got fired from my last job,” another commenter recalled. “Boss called and i blocked his number for disturbing my peace.”

Mauricio is very familiar with blocking bosses. In response to another commenter who was concerned he would be “At the beach with 1000 missed calls,” Mauricio said, “One thing about me is I block my boss once I’m officially hired because you do not need to be calling me out of work.”

But even one boss came into the comments to agree with Mauricio, claiming to be a “Gen Z manager” who would respond to an employee’s beach day by saying, “Mental health over everything, see u tomorrow babe.”

While most lauded it as self-care and praised Mauricio for taking initiative, one commenter groused, “Same ppl that say they’re broke 24/7.”

Mauricio had a response to that: “Send me money so I can shut up.”

The Daily Dot contacted Mauricio via TikTok comment for further information.

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