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‘Not as reliable as we thought’: Expert calls out Toyota’s new engine model for being defective

‘Toyota vehicles always have flaws in the first few years.’


Alexandra Samuels


A car expert went viral on TikTok after pointing out some imperfections with Toyota’s new twin-turbo V6 engine, which replaced nearly every V8 engine in the typically traditional automaker’s lineup.

User @shiftinglanes, who makes content “for people who love cars,” highlighted some of the issues with the new engine in a video he posted earlier this week. As of Wednesday, his TikTok had amassed more than 453,200 views.

“Toyota’s new V6 may not be as reliable as we thought,” @shiftinglanes wrote in the accompanying video caption.

What’s supposedly wrong with Toyota’s new engine model?

According to @shiftinglanes, Toyota may have a “reliability problem on their hands.” 

The content creator said that Toyota ditched its V8 engines a few years ago. He showed viewers a picture of the manufacturer’s newer, V6 engine, via the green screen effect. 

@shiftinglanes said the V8 engine was “loved” and “reliable,” but noted that Toyota switched gears because “they wanted to go with more fuel efficiency.”

“Now there’s a lot to unpack when you go from a V8 to a V6,” @shiftinglanes said. 

The main difference between the engines is that the V8 is “oversquare” while the V6 is “undersquare.” (According to Red Eye Garage, if the bore is larger than the stroke, the engine is oversquare. If the opposite is true, the engine is undersquare.)

@shiftinglanes went on to explain that some of the newer, undersquare engines were suffering main bearing failures. According to a write-up comparing the older to newer engines, however, no common cause has been identified for this.  

That led @shiftinglanes to declare that Toyota might need to check on its newest models “to make sure that everything is on the up and up.” He conceded, however, that this alone wasn’t enough evidence “to declare that Toyota and its new twin turbo V6 engine are completely unreliable.”

How are customers responding? 

A number of viewers criticized Toyota for abandoning the V8 engine. Many people, like @shiftinglanes, agreed that the original engine was the better choice. 

“It’s wild to get away from the v8, all for rules & restrictions, thanks epa & feds,” one person said. 

“Need to bring back V8,” another agreed. “I don’t care about fuel efficiency.”

“Everytime Toyota makes a turbo engine, it turns out to be a piece of junk,” a third person wrote. 

Others expressed hope that things would turn around. They also said that, despite the new engine, Toyota was still a top-tier car manufacturer. 

“Still more reliable than a Ford or dodge,” one person said. 

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“Toyota vehicles always have flaws in the first few years,” another wrote. “Then they get them fixed and make the same vehicle forever.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @shiftinglanes via TikTok comment and to Toyota by email.

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