DoorDash drivers crowding Wendy's with order bags on counter with caption 'Half them orders not even gone get picked up' (l) Wendy's building with sign (c) DoorDash order bags on counter with caption 'Half them orders not even gone get picked up' (r)

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‘Wendy’s dead wrong for this’: Fast food worker shows Wendy’s overrun with DoorDash orders

‘I would have just left.’


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A video uploaded to TikTok from a Wendy’s employee shows a hectic scene behind the counter at one of the franchise’s restaurants, along with throngs of completed mobile orders strewn about that have yet to be picked up. One employee can be heard saying, “I’m sick of this shit,” right before the 7-second video clip finishes.

VinnnaDee’s (@vinnnadee) clip has amassed over 63,000 likes on the platform and spurred a conversation on the high-stressed nature of working in the fast-food industry as an hourly employee for relatively little pay.

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This isn’t the first time footage of a fast food location overrun with app delivery and online orders, which some speculated was a result of non-tipping customers.

One commenter chastised the Wendy’s store for not managing the flow of orders properly, or providing the location with enough staff to be able to accommodate so many orders: “Wendys dead wrong for this. Did they give y’all a warning about the promotion & provide more staff?”

Someone else simply said: “i’d quit LMFAOAO.”

Another TikTok user thought it was unfair that Wendy’s employees aren’t compensated extra for completing DoorDash orders that are picked up by delivery drivers: “This is crazy cuz the workers get 0% of the DoorDash tip.”

There were some folks who speculated that the reason for the large pile-up of orders was due to folks placing orders through food delivery applications not pre-tipping on said orders, so delivery drivers don’t feel necessarily compelled to pick up these orders: “It’s the fact a lot of people got they food for like $1 and still ain’t tip and they wonder why the food never gets picked up.”

However, judging from the comments section, it would appear that the reason for this particular mass pile-up at the Wendy’s location was due to a Biggie bag promotion held by the chain and DoorDash which stated that orders placed of at least $12 would result in up to $30 off on the DoorDash app, meaning that customers could use up to $30 of free Wendy’s food as long as they used the “BIGGIE” promotion code.

One TikTok user said that they worked at Wendy’s and they weren’t given proper notice beforehand that the promotion was occurring: “Yes i work at Wendy’s they didn’t tell us anything Thursday either.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @vinnnadee via TikTok comment and Wendy’s via email for further information.

An Uber Eats driver who recently went viral showing how they are able to “stack” orders stated that they usually don’t like picking up deliveries from Wendy’s. Even without the promotion, the location seemed to be abuzz with customers and other orders.

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