DoorDash driver in car setting Wendy's bag on floor of passenger seat with caption '$0 tip order' (l) DoorDash on phone in hands (c) DoorDash driver in car turning temperature down and turning on A/C with caption '$0 tip order' (r)

‘Just don’t pick it up’: DoorDash driver shows how he gets revenge on no-tip Wendy’s order

'How is it always the customers fault that an employer can’t pay their employees enough?'

On Jan 31, 2023 by Jack Alban

wendy's drive thru

‘I can’t believe Wendy’s and inflation did this to us’: Wendy’s allegedly got rid of 4 for $4 and ‘Biggie Bag’

'Not worth going anymore then. I’m not paying 20 dollars for 2 meals.'

On Jan 24, 2023 by Cecilia Lenzen

Wendy's customer films employees completely ignoring her at the counter

‘Non existent customer service’: Wendy’s customer films employees ignoring her while she stands at the counter

'I would send the video to corporate.'

On Jan 23, 2023 by Melody Heald

Wendy's employees holding giant burger together (l) Wendy's employee with caption 'pov: somebody came to my job and ordered a burger with 12 patties...' with Wendy's logo at bottom (c) Wendy's employee wrapping giant burger (r)

‘I’m trying to figure out how we gonna wrap this’: Wendy’s worker says customer asked for 11 patties on their burger

'Y’all better than Waffle House cause they ain’t doing that.'

On Jan 19, 2023 by Melody Heald

Man greenscreen TikTok over Wendy's menu (l) Wendy's sign on building with blue sky (c) Man greenscreen TikTok over Wendy's menu 4 for $4 priced at $5 (r)

‘It’s like if Subway still called them $5 footlongs’: Customer calls out Wendy’s for charging $5 for the 4 for $4

'Why do you still call it a 4 for $4?'

On Jan 14, 2023 by Jack Alban

Wendy's ice cube and lid container almost empty with caption 'Wendy's gotta do better rs' (l) Wendy's sign outside (c) Wendy's napkin holder almost empty caption 'Wendy's gotta do better rs' (r)

‘Another day at Wendy’s’: Wendy’s runs out of cups, napkins, ice and more

'Just close for the day.'

On Jan 5, 2023 by Lauren Castro

woman sitting at Wendy's watching employee dig hands into fries caption 'wendys employee has no gloves on, digging through fresh fries and eating them.' (l) Wendy's fries in branded packaging on table (c) woman sitting at Wendy's watching employee eating fries caption 'wendys employee has no gloves on, digging through fresh fries and eating them.' (r)

‘You can tell who’s never worked in fast food/a restaurant before’: Wendy’s customer catches worker eating fries directly from basket

'I'd eat the chicken strips and fries all day long when I worked at Dairy Queen.'

On Jan 3, 2023 by Melody Heald

Homepage article image

‘Wendy’s, I’m sick of y’all’: Customer requests sauce on the side—and receives it on one side of her burger

'Ever since y'all got that Twitter account, you think you can do stuff like this.'

On Dec 20, 2022 by Cecilia Lenzen

woman holding Wendy's burger patty looks raw caption 'went to Wendy's and got a frozen raw burger' (l) Wendy's drive thru with sign (c) woman at Wendy's drive thu window speaking to worker with finger pointing (r)

‘The manager said we were lying, so we’re going back up there’: Customer claims Wendy’s served them a ‘frozen raw’ burger

'Not surprised [the manager] was a Karen.'

On Dec 16, 2022 by Brooke Sjoberg

man in KFC with caption 'When Kfc mess your order up' (l) young man in car with money (c) wendy's worker with caption 'When deez people mess your order up' (r)

‘We’ll meet you’: Wendy’s worker agrees to fight customer over messed-up order

'Getting jumped by Wendy’s workers is crazy.'

On Nov 28, 2022 by Jack Alban

hand holding one of 2 beef patties from Wendy's over black and clear container (l) Wendy's sign outside of restaurant (c) person placing Wendy's burger on bun on paper plate (r)

‘Count your f*cking days’: Customer says Wendy’s gave her 2 patties when she ordered whole Dave’s Double burger, had to finish making meal with own buns at home

'I don't know who the f*ck was scheduled to work today at the Wendy's...'

On Nov 15, 2022 by Jack Alban

Wendy's manager speaking through drive thru window caption 'When customers think you won't go off bc you're the manager.' (l) Wendy's drive thru with sign (c) Wendy's manager speaking through drive thru window caption 'When customers think you won't go off bc you're the manager.' (r)

‘When customers think you won’t go off because you’re manager’: Wendy’s manager goes off on customer while wearing Crocs in ‘sports mode’

'He threw his Crocs into sport mode for that.'

On Nov 9, 2022 by Brooke Sjoberg

Homepage article image

‘Why is a burger, fries, and a fountain pop almost $12’: Wendy’s customer complains about lunch order being $12, sparking debate

'This inflation sh*t has got to go.'

On Oct 30, 2022 by Jack Alban

man realizes price of baconator went up at wendys tiktok

‘These prices got me actually buying groceries’: Wendy’s customer shares his shock at the iconic Baconator Combo now being $14

'Everything is going up besides our pay.'

On Oct 29, 2022 by Braden Bjella

Homepage article image

‘Don’t even worry about that diet coke’: Wendy’s employee mocks customers who request ‘no salt on the fries’ on $50 order

'They do it so they can get fresh ones lol.'

On Oct 24, 2022 by Alexandra Samuels