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‘Add a dash of instant coffee and it will rock your world’: Customer reveals Wendy’s frosty recipe as revenge after they insulted him

'I used to work at Wendy's and I can confirm that this is accurate.'


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Posted on Dec 19, 2023   Updated on Dec 19, 2023, 5:37 pm CST

A customer who reveals fast-food secrets recently responded to an alleged rude remark from a Wendy’s worker by sharing the recipe for the company’s iconic frosty.

In a now-viral clip. TikToker Jordan Howlett (@jordan_the_stallion8) responded to a Wendy’s representative who allegedly said “it is not classy” that he shares fast-food recipes. The video has been viewed over 953,000 times as of publication.

“So, as of recently, a lot of restaurants have been contacting me more than usual because I’m sharing a lot of the recipes out of my secret recipe book,” Howlett began. He then held up a brown leather journal and said he typically only reveals recipes when restaurants start “acting really weird” toward him.

“Normally, I’m as sweet as pumpkin pie, but this morning, someone from Wendy’s said that it is not classy the way that I’m sharing these recipes out to the world, and I need to have more respect for myself,” he continued. “And you know what? They’re absolutely right. So you guys wanna know how to make a Wendy’s frosty?”

According to Howlett, the recipe for a Wendy’s chocolate frosty requires a half gallon of chocolate milk, 14 ounces of sweetened condensed milk, and eight ounces of Cool Whip. He said the ingredients should then be blended and placed in the freezer for four hours.

It’s unclear how Howlett discovered all these “secret recipes,” but viewers are swearing by his methods.

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“I used to work at Wendy’s and I can confirm that this is accurate,” one said.

“And probably tastes better then original frosty,” a second agreed.

Others defended Howlett’s methods, claiming that the restaurants start it, he just finishes it.

“That fact that these companies are initiating it is wildddd. Do your think love!” a viewer said.

“I think he is as classy as he can be,” another replied.

While fast-food chains work hard to keep their recipes secret, recipes cannot be trademarked. However, there are other methods companies can use to keep their formulas to themselves, including classifying them as “trade secrets.” Companies can keep their formulas secure as long as the owner takes reasonable steps to keep the information secret and some economic value is derived from the information.

Although restaurants may attempt to bring lawsuits against former employees, like in the case of Bimbo Bakeries v. Botticella, it’s much harder to stop customers from reverse engineering fan favorites.

Howlett has made a large following for himself through his series of secret recipe reveals, including how to make Cane’s secret sauce and Auntie Anne’s pretzel bites.

The Daily Dot reached out to Howlett and Wendy’s via email for further information.

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*First Published: Dec 19, 2023, 9:00 pm CST