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This Week in Walmart: $5 Wendy’s chili, bed bugs, and how dare you like your job

‘$5 for that can tho???’


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With as many employees and shoppers strolling through 4,100+ Walmart stores across America, there’s more than likely going to be a lot of social media posts about what it’s like working and shopping there.

As a result, TikTok‘s populated with a slew of Walmart-related content from a variety of folks who uploaded to the widely-used social media platform. Here are some of the craziest Walmart stories that have gone TikTok viral this week.

Too much for canned Chili

A large, ready-to-eat chili from Wendy’s costs $2.79, and is usually made from cooked hamburger patties that aren’t served to guests in their final burger sandwich form. This is pretty much in-line with chili’s perception: It’s not like it’s really considered a “fancy” dish, and there are plenty of recipes online that teach folks how to use their leftovers to make a scrumptious chili entrée.

It’s because of the dish’s perception that a lot of folks were a bit confused to see that Walmart was selling Wendy’s-branded canned Chili for $5 apiece. Numerous customers expressed their confusion and disbelief at the price, especially because the retailer sells its own Great Value version, also in a 15-ounce can, for $1.63.

How could you like working at Walmart?

TikTokers were up in arms after a user on the platform decided to upload a post telling all the Walmart haters out there that she doesn’t understand why so many folks poo-poo the idea of working for the globally omnipresent retail chain.

The employee said that she enjoyed working her 8-hour shift and bringing home what she thought was a good paycheck with good benefits. However there were several folks who seemed to think that her definition of “good” was heavily skewed and that the chain offered anything but a decent way to make a living. There were some folks in the comments section of her video that wanted to know how to get their application accepted to the retailer, so maybe she did influence some folks to nab themselves a position at their local Walmart store. We wonder if she gets a commission for doing so?

Red Bull gives you… heart palpitations

A Walmart employee went viral after stating that they need to consume 3 cans of Red Bull energy drinks in order to get through their shift working for their store. There are several employees for the chain who’ve posted on social media about how overworked they are, and there have even been court rulings from judges who’ve officially stated that stores forced employees to work harder than they should have “by cutting worker break time and forcing employees to work off the clock.”

Putting that into perspective, it’s understandable why the aforementioned TikToker said that they never consumed energy drinks until they started working at Walmart, especially if the store followed practices similar to the one in the class-action lawsuit referenced above.

‘Call me it to my face’

A Walmart customer claims that they were just strolling through a store when they heard someone call them the F gay slur. Not wanting to just let the alleged slight slide, they decided to accost the folks they suspected of uttering the phrase: Two adolescent boys who seemed taken aback when they were put on camera.

The post was uploaded by Zach Willmore, an HIV activist who is an advocate for those afflicted with the illness. Willmore shared they were on the receiving end of hateful tweets upon sharing their own positive HIV diagnosis.

Getting a job at Walmart is harder than law school?

One TikToker claimed that securing a job at Walmart is actually more difficult than getting into a law school, which either says a lot about the chain’s stringent hiring protocols, or that there aren’t too many folks looking to get in debt in order to secure themselves a degree in a highly competitive field.

It seems that the TikToker’s claim, however, may only apply to specific markets, like a D.C.-area Walmart that received 23,000 applications despite having only 600 openings. So to an extent, yes, she’s right: Getting a job at Walmart may be more difficult than getting into law school. But trying putting you’re a Walmart greeter on you’re online dating profile versus a lawyer and see what your ping rate looks like.

Walmart delivery fail

One Walmart customer called out a delivery driver who brought her goods from the chain that were clearly damaged, including a wrecked box of honey buns along with a punctured pouch of Goya passion fruit pulp. The shopper speculated that the delivery driver may’ve used a bicycle in completing the order, and acquiesced that while she understands people have to do what they have to do in order to make ends meet, it shouldn’t come at the sacrifice of customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, she says that she was able to get a refund for the order, but in the moment, that’s little solace when you were banking of getting groceries brought to your home by a certain time, only to see them arrive like they just won the Royal Rumble.

Bed Bugs in the break room

Among the peskiest critters to get rid of are bed bugs, and they can reside in some unlikely locations, like the chairs at an AMC theater, or in the break room of a Walmart.

One employee for the chain uploaded a photo of how their store decided to “handle” the bed bug problem in the worker common area: By putting up some caution tape warning folks not to sit on the chairs. The only way to get rid of these pests are by subjecting them to extreme temperatures: Those above 125 degrees Fahrenheit or zero degrees Fahrenheit and colder. Doubtful that the store’s AC gets that cold, though.

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