Walmart worker who calls out after store ‘works him too hard’ during a shift

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‘Imma need a day to recover’: Viewers defend Walmart worker who calls out after store ‘works him too hard’ during shift

"Literally sitting there angry like ‘they gone regret this tomorrow.'"


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Posted on Jul 3, 2023   Updated on Jul 3, 2023, 10:23 pm CDT

A Walmart worker recently posted a viral video about needing to take time off to recover from a hard shift.

TikToker linthakidd (@linthakidd) filmed a short 5-second clip of himself after a particularly hard day at work. In the video, @linthakidd paces back and forth with an exhausted expression on his face. A white text overlay reads, “Me when they worked me too hard so it’s time to call out the next day.” The video has been viewed 427,000 times as of Monday.

Walmart has been accused of overworking staffers with large lists of duties and responsibilities. Alleged understaffing has only made matters worse. Walmart workers are also subject to a points system. Missing work without approval gains one point, while missing work without advance notice or during the holidays gains an employee two points. An accrual of five points could result in termination.

@linthakidd Imma need a day to recover 😂 #walmartassociate #walmartemployee #walmarttiktok #walmartjoke #fyp ♬ original sound – sid

Most users were incredibly supportive of @linthakidd’s need for rest.

“They had me slaving this Sunday outside doing carts so I called out the next day bro,” one user said.

“I literally decided that i was calling out tomorrow before I took my first 15,” another user shared.

“Yep. Anytime I do more than I’m getting paid for I’m not coming in the next day,” a user added.

“That was me all the time working nights at Walmart,” said a user.

Others point out that working can be tiring, and that company policy does not allow for multiple unplanned call-outs.

“Nu uh not with that point system Walmart got,” one user said.

“Bro you work at Walmart in COLD AIR. at least you’re not outside in the HEAT,” a user stated.

“I can’t even imagine this bc I’ve always been a hard worker. like time goes slower when I don’t keep busy,” a user added.

The Daily Dot reached out to @linthakidd via TikTok comments and Walmart via email.

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*First Published: Jul 3, 2023, 9:00 pm CDT