Shopper finds hidden security tag under steak at walmart

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‘When we were leaving, it beeped’: Walmart shopper finds hidden security tag under steak

‘We have security tags on most steaks. People steal them like crazy!’


Phil West


A shopper went to Walmart to get a few items for dinner—including some expensive steaks—and discovered something was beeping as she was leaving the store.

It turned out to be a security tag hiding under the steaks.

The video comes courtesy of Canadian TikToker Kaitlyn Farrell (@chupachan), which drew more than 487,000 views in a single day after putting up the post on Friday.

She starts by explaining, “Went to Walmart to get steaks,” and then adds, “Don’t ask how much it was.”

@chupachan like I know it was expensive but god damn! just trying to treat myself!#walmart #securitytag ♬ original sound – Kaitlyn Farrell

She shares, regarding her store trip, which included corn and baked potatoes along with the steaks, “When we were leaving, it beeped.”

She then notes, showing a view of her kitchen and the meal prep taking place, “As I was about to do the steaks … a security tag.”

The creator reveals the telltale tag on the back side of the label that shows the steaks cost $43.34 (about $31 in U.S. dollars).

Commenters observed that security tags on steaks aren’t unheard of.

“I work at a grocery store,” one shared. “We have security tags on most steaks. People steal them like crazy!”

That led to a whole spirited debate about a theory as to why, with one offering, “That’s because addicts use them as currency. Often they will exchange groceries with their dealers.”

Someone scoffed, “You think drug dealers will barter with addicts??? you think drug deals are a BARTER ECONOMY LIKE ITS 1309?!”

But that person insisted, “Hunny I literally work on an outreach van and give out harm reduction supplies I’ve heard it straight from their mouths.”

Someone else commented on the price, which led the creator to reply, “Yeah far too expensive, but it was a treat yourself moment and they were delicious.”

To that, someone helpfully said, “3 NY striploins will cost you $150 in a restaurant so you saved money.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Walmart via email.

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