Customer finds vape in her kid's McDonald's chicken nugget container

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‘I would assume someone was hiding it in the box from managers’: Customer finds vape in her kid’s McDonald’s chicken nugget container

'That manager needs a raise!! Very professional and understanding.'


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Posted on Jun 24, 2023

Vapists will sneak a hit of their e-cigarettes while on the job: According to research conducted by Truth Initiative, 76% of electronic stogie puffers purportedly bring their devices, and take pulls from them, while they’re on the job.

Unlike cigarettes, which usually leave a larger, more lingering cloud of smoking and a more persistent, ashy smell, the vapor from e-cigarettes from popular brands like Juul and Elfbar usually dissipates more quickly, and only smells upon the initial pull/release from the device. Which means that it’s much easier for employees, even those who are working indoors, to take a quick drag as they perform their work tasks.

But there are only three states in the U.S. that don’t regulate indoor vaping: Nevada, Nebraska, and Tennessee, so if you wanted to take puffs of your e-cigarettes while indoors, you’re probably breaking the law unless you’re doing so if the aforementioned places.

So it’s understandable why many folks would probably try and do their best to keep their vaping habit on the down low, like this McDonald’s employee who appears to have been just a little too slick at keeping their vape hidden from their boss.

So slick, in fact, that it looks like they inadvertently got a customer in on their vape-sneaking ways when a Mickey D’s guest found a vape inside of their daughter’s Happy Meal.

In a viral clip uploaded by TikToker Tonya Michelle (@tonya_michelle2022), she can be seen confronting a McDonald’s employee about the vape they found inside of the chicken nuggets box she found in the Happy Meal.


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“Open up that chicken nugget box,” she can be heard saying to the Mickey D’s manager. “There’s no chicken nuggets there was a vape that my daughter opened up.”

“OK, I’m gonna call my GM and I will handle it and I will find out what is going on,” the employee says.

Someone who was with Michelle told the employee that they don’t find the situation funny, and the store manager says, “Oh I don’t either trust me. And I’m truly sorry this happened.”

The man, who reveals himself to be the parent of the girl who the Happy Meal was intended for, states that he thankfully was able to get to the chicken nugget box before his daughter saw it. She tells the man that she will handle it as he stands there, and then asks her for the number for corporate, while Michelle requests that the Happy Meal be replaced.

The manager then immediately works on getting information for the customer and begins discussing the matter with another employee. In a follow-up video she can be seen showing a contact card to the angry customer, before the dad who purchased the Happy Meal said that he’s previously worked at McDonald’s and that something like this has never happened to him during his time employed with the company.

One of the employees assisting with the customer service issue said that he’s never seen anything like that happen during his shifts either.


♬ original sound – Tonya Michelle

One commenter remarked that they thought the customers’ story was a bit fishy: “I don’t believe the customers” which is something another person thought as well—that it was all just a ruse to get another Happy Meal: “Bro it’s the parents the lady asked for the happy meal to be replaced.”

Another just couldn’t believe that a worker could’ve honestly put a vape in a chicken nuggets box unless they were under the influence of something a bit heavier than vaporized nicotine: “they was smoking more than a vape if they managed to leave it inna chicken box”

But there were others who seemed to sympathize with the parents’ shock at the vape discovery: “i would give them a full refund and another meal and I would fire whoever did that because that could’ve went horribly wrong if they didn’t catch it.”

A number of TikTokers also commented on how good of a job the manager did in providing excellent customer service to the concerned parents: “That’s a good manager what I have seen,” one wrote, while another penned: “I hope you mention to corporate how proffesional the manager was.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to McDonald’s via email and Michelle via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Jun 24, 2023, 5:09 pm CDT