Man who delivers for UberEats inside of car eating his customers food.

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‘l will eat it 100%’: Uber Eats driver says customer took away his tip after he delivered McDonald’s order. He got revenge

‘Tip-baiting is worse than tipping.’


Braden Bjella


A user on TikTok has sparked discussion after showing a supposed way to get revenge on tip-baiters.

For context, “tip-baiting” is when someone places an order through an app like DoorDash or Uber Eats with a sizable tip. This incentivizes drivers to pick up and prioritize their orders. Then, after the order has been delivered, the customer revises their tip to be lower or even eliminates their tip completely.

TikTok user @canadafirdavs is an UberEats and DoorDash driver who is sick of this practice and, in a recent video, he decided to exact his revenge.

“This video [is] for that motherf*cker who yesterday ordered with tip, and after I delivered, [took] the tip,” he says, reaching his hand into a McDonald’s bag.

“This is your order,” he continues, pulling out one of the items and taking a bite. “Burgers were fresh, I will tell you…So, next time if you order and you will see my name, just cancel the order, please.”

@canadafirdavs Got order for 6$ and guy take that 3$ back so l earned 3$ in total. Today again got that order 109e unit next time see my name you can cancel l will eat it100%. #canada🇨🇦 #ubereats #doordash #delivery #toronto ♬ original sound – Middle Eastern Guy

While the TikToker later posted a follow-up clarifying that the video was a joke, commenters took it seriously, with many divided about how drivers should react to those who tip bait.

Some took the TikToker’s side.

“Those who order food and wait for it to arrive should respect the driver and pay a tip,” a user wrote. “Otherwise, they can go and buy in person.”

“I don’t agree with today’s tipping culture but taking tip after giving it is a sh*t behaviour,” added another.

“Honestly, enjoy it,” a third person shared. “Tip baiting is done by scum of the earth.”

However, some were firmly against those who seek revenge on non-tippers.

“Why are you eating other persons food,” a user said. “You cannot force anybody for tip. Tip is not mandatory.”

“Your entitlement demonstrates why you don’t deserve to be tipped,” declared a second. “Tipping isn’t mandatory if you don’t like it find a different job.”

The TikToker later posted an update revealing that the video was fake while also noting the many racist comments he received under his original video.

@canadafirdavs Replying to @GTA No one will push you to tip. But please don’t bait us?. Let us earn our money #ubereats #canada🇨🇦 #doordash #delivery #toronto #tip @DoorDash @Uber Eats ♬ original sound – Middle Eastern Guy

In this video, the TikToker says that he understands that tipping is not mandatory—however, he expresses that there is a major problem with tip-baiters. Tip-baiters, he says, reduce their overall earnings and make it difficult to budget how much one can actually earn in a day.

“Guys, just don’t be stupid,” he says. “If you don’t have money, no one is pushing you to tip. Just don’t bait delivery drivers!”

The Daily Dot reached out to the TikToker via TikTok comment.

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