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‘You promised me a tip?’: Man says Uber Eats driver ate his food—then he asked for a tip

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Posted on Jan 28, 2024   Updated on Jan 28, 2024, 12:02 am CST

Food delivery drivers for popular applications like DoorDash and Uber Eats have, unfortunately, been caught in the past before eating a customer’s food.

And while there are plenty of social media clips speaking to these acts of food theft from the customer side, there are also surveys where food delivery drivers themselves admit to nibbling on the wares purchased by the customers they’re supposed to be bringing meals.

A TikToker who goes by Jeff (@hittaa_jeff) says that they, unfortunately, are another recent victim of food delivery theft. What makes their story especially egregious, Jeff states in a viral TikTok that’s accrued over 315,000 views, is that the driver in question not only helped himself to Jeff’s food, but that he returned to his home, knocked on his door, and asked him for a tip.

“DoorDash cold asf for they selection of they employees,” Jeff writes in a text overlay of their TikTok. The video begins with the TikToker looking into the camera, a video snippet of them superimposed over a green screen of a text message conversation between himself and the driver.

Jeff begins his video by stating his personal tipping policy: He doesn’t give gratuities to delivery drivers if they forget to honor a request or fulfill part of his order. “This is another reason why I do not order from DoorDash, right? So I asked the man, I said, can you please get four barbecue sauces please. He said, OK got it, and I told him I will tip you when you get here ’cause half of the time DoorDash people they be forgetting everything and if you forget anything that I asked you for baby, best believe no tip,” Jeff says.

He says that he felt bad for the Los Angeles-based delivery driver, because it was raining at the time he asked the Uber Eats employee to deliver his food. And, to make matters worse, the person was delivering his food via bicycle. He says that this is why he decided to let the worker know that he was going to give him a tip, because Jeff didn’t want him thinking he was going through all of that effort to deliver his meal and not receive some type of additional compensation for his effort on top of it.

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The clip then transitions to the TikToker showing off his meal, which was from Chick-fil-A, on camera. “Mind y’all, I got a f*cking 12 count, bro, there’s one, one is halfway, this is how I know he ate my food, I’m irritated, this crazy as f*ck. One is bit off lowkey in this motherf*cker. Then, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, seven and a half,” he says, referring to the nuggets. He states that 4.5 of them were missing from his order. Jeff believes that the driver helped himself to his grub.

Jeff continued, saying, “Then, bro, left the napkin I guess he was wiping his mouth off with, right?” He says, “The tag was off that said my name and it got crumbs to the motherf*cking chicken nuggets on it right? All right, I ain’t like, I’m tripping, but I ain’t tripping.”

The TikToker’s drama with the Uber Eats driver didn’t end there, however: he says that he despite eating his food, that the man still expected to receive the gratuity Jeff said he would give him for grabbing four barbecue sauces. “But this is where it gets better y’all. Do y’all know that motherf*cker came back to the door and said you promised me a tip. I didn’t argue with that man. I closed the door in his face. Cause you, you ate my sh*t and then you come back to the door talking about your tip?” he says.

He added towards the end of his video an extra bit of information that made the man’s request for the barbecue sauce even more egregious. He says, “Not to mention y’all bro forgot to give me my four barbecue sauces so it’s like yeah…that’s so disrespectful. So now I’m on my way to go get me some more f*cking food because I paid $22 for Robert to eat my food. And he still wanted a tip.”

At the end of the video he posted a screenshot of his Uber Eats order detailing where the meal came from and what he paid for it.

Viewers who saw his post were horrified by Jeff’s experience with the delivery driver. One person wrote, “this is triflin he did not gaf.”

There were those who said, however, that they never experienced issues while ordering through the service. “Uber eats never gives me this problem,” wrote one user.

Someone who said they were a Chick-fil-A employee remarked that they work for the chicken fast food chain and that if the seal is broken on the bag then customers should refrain from eating it. “I work at CFA if that red seal on the bad is ever broken or anything please don’t eat it,” they wrote.

There were other people, however, who couldn’t believe that the driver would do such a poor job of covering up the fact that they ate a customer’s order, however. “Leaving the evidence in the bag is crazy work,” one person wrote.

“leaving the crumb napkin is villainous,” another penned.

Someone else said that they once caught the driver in the act of leaving with the food they just delivered even after snapping a photo of it to make it look like they completed their delivery. “I ordered wing stop once from door dash paid $40 and the driver was about to take a picture and take the food and I opened the door real quick lol,” they wrote.

One TikToker recently went viral after uploading the caught-in-4k footage of the driver enjoying her sushi order. Another, confronted their driver for allegedly indulging in some of the cookies that they ordered. And then there was this Uber Eats delivery worker who purportedly took a sip of a patron’s drink.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Jeff via TikTok comment and Uber Eats via email for further information.

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*First Published: Jan 28, 2024, 2:00 am CST