UberEats customer says driver delivered her pizza on a scooter, pulled it out of his backpack

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‘What am I supposed to do with this?’: Uber Eats customer says driver delivered her pizza on a scooter, pulled it out of his backpack

'He dead wrong for transporting that pizza like that'


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Posted on Jul 17, 2023

The onscreen text of a recent TikTok video reads, “Look at my pizza,” and waiting for a payoff has never been so satisfying.

Creator Ashley Miller (@ashleyshymiller) posted a video this weekend about her experience ordering a pizza on Uber Eats. The video has more than 33,000 views as of Monday.

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“When I tell you I’m so annoyed and I feel like I’ve just been humbled,” Miller said as she started telling the story to the camera.

Miller explained that she’s been on a health kick and decided to treat herself to a cheat meal—a pizza. She ordered it through the Uber Eats food delivery app.

As Miller explained, the delivery runner’s lack of a profile picture was a red flag, but she decided to give them a chance. 

“So I finally see the person coming up, and he’s coming up on a scooter,” Miller said. Then, she noticed the delivery runner didn’t have anything in his hands.

“Where is it?” she wondered about her pizza.

The delivery person had a backpack on—”It was flat,” Miller described. 

“I know my stuff ain’t in there,” she said.

The runner nervously greeted Miller, she recalled. “I’m sitting there confused. We both looking at each other confused.” 

Then, the runner took the pizza out of the backpack, to Miller’s disbelief. She took the pizza inside her home. “Just what I thought,” she said. “Pizza all f*cked up.”

The video then shows a photo of a pizza that looks like it’s been through baggage claim—all jumbled up, with half of the crust bald and a lot of the cheese and toppings stuck to the cardboard box.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” Miller said. She took it as a sign from above to stick with healthy food, and she said she got her money back.

One commenter wrote, “Lol when you said scooter I was thinking ‘oh no.’”

“Lmaoooooooo! He didn’t think you would be there waiting,” another person commented.

“When you said he was on a scooter, I just KNEW he was going to say he dropped the pizza somewhere along the way. But the backpack!” one comment read.

“The way my hungry a** woulda scraped the toppings off the box,” a viewer chimed in.

“You so nice. The way he would’ve been tangled up on the f*ckin scooter is crazy,” another commenter wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Miller via Instagram where she said she didn’t expect her video to get so much attention.

I didn’t expect it to go viral, but I’m glad it brought some laughter to people and others being able to relate because they’ve had similar experiences,” Miller told the Daily Dot in an interview via Instagram direct message. “I was also able to get a full refund.” The Daily Dot reached out to Uber Eats via email.

TikTok is full of food delivery app orders gone wrong. One customer called DoorDash customer service after a driver delivered a cold Wendy’s order, and it didn’t go well. Another Uber Eats customer received a cup of uncooked rice with their order.

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*First Published: Jul 17, 2023, 1:13 pm CDT