Customer calls DoorDash customer service over Wendy's order.

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‘Exactly why I’ll never get food via DoorDash or Uber Eats’: Customer calls DoorDash customer service after driver delivered cold Wendy’s order. It doesn’t go well

The customer says the driver ‘took a detour’ to pick up her kids.


Jack Alban


Although the name “DoorDash” might intone that customers will get their meals from the delivery service in a jiffy, many have discovered that this isn’t necessarily the case.

In fact, there have been customers who’ve expressed their ire over receiving cold meals that they’ve placed with the app. Some drivers have revealed that they intentionally speed up the cool-down process on meals from non-tipping customers as a means of revenge.

A TikToker by the name of Shae (@shaeshardae) is one such dissatisfied DoorDash customer who says that her Wendy’s order arrived so frigid that she couldn’t even bring herself to eat it.

In a viral clip, she says that after ordering some grub through DoorDash, she was left wondering what was taking her driver so long. So Shae says she decided to reach out to DoorDash’s customer service, who suggested she contact her driver.

Shae claims she obliged, and then learned that the Dasher was late because they had to make a detour and pick up their kids from somewhere, which left Shae flabbergasted. Upon telling DoorDash what happened, Shae said that she was equally flummoxed by the app’s response.

@shaeshardae Im pissed off!! #poorcustomerservice #lateorder #doordash #upset #neveragain #dobetter #wheresmyrefund #refund #doordash ♬ original sound – React Shae

“So then I call DoorDash and I’m like OK, well this food I’m about to throw it away I can’t eat this,” Shae recalls telling the customer service rep. “So then they say, ‘Well OK we are going to issue a $3 credit.’ Like, what? What is this?”

Some TikTokers shared their own methods for getting money back from DoorDash after they had a less-than-satisfactory customer experience.

One user said their implementation of a heavy-handed approach seems to get the job done, sharing, “I get refunds frequently You have to cuss them out and ask for a manager they will refund lmao.”

Shae replied that a DoorDash manager ultimately refunded her the money but she wasn’t too happy with the amount of stress and work she was put through in order to receive it.

“The manager just called me back and they’re issuing me a refund,” she wrote. “But it’s crazy that they put you through all of that for a refund.”

One user simply couldn’t understand why anyone would use DoorDash in the first place, writing, “Why do people continue 2 use door dash???They r the worst.”

Another user echoed this sentiment, saying, “I’m so done with door dash and Uber eat but regardless of the driver or not as soon an order come in we have to make it and sometimes nobody come get.”

However, another commenter couldn’t believe why Shae wouldn’t eat the food, saying that there’s a pretty great way to heat it up using a common appliance.

“You don’t own an air fryer?” they asked. However, Shae responded, stating that she didn’t believe she needed to use an air fryer since she paid an additional delivery fee for her grub.

“I do but when pay an additional delivery fee you shouldn’t have to use your air fryer,” she replied. “If that’s the case I would’ve took something out my fridge.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to DoorDash via email and Shae via TikTok comment.

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