Customer decides to pick up $100 McDonald's order instead of UberEats delivery

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‘They wanted to charge me double’: Customer decides to pick up $80 McDonald’s order instead of Uber Eats delivery. It cost $40 at the drive-thru

‘Nothing gets me out of bed & into the car like the thought of paying 6$ for delivery.’


Stacy Fernandez


An UberEats customer on TikTok called out the delivery app for charging nearly double to deliver her McDonald’s order.

In the video, Raychl (@_raychl) is filming in her car, seemingly after picking up her McDonald’s order. The mother explains that she wanted to get McDonald’s delivered to her house, so she planned on ordering it from Uber Eats.

She states that she didn’t order an exorbitant amount of food, just a kid’s meal for her child and two adult meals for herself and her partner.

“Nothing serious, we don’t order like a f*ck ton of food,” Raychl says.

The TikToker adds that the restaurant was a two-minute drive from her house, so she was shocked to see what the delivery order amounted to.

“I punch all the orders in, it’s $76 fucking dollars. I [look over at my man], ‘Bro it’s almost $100 just to feed this f*cking family one meal,’” Rachyl said. “Groceries are already f*cking expensive, but that’s a good grocery bill. You know what I’m saying?”

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Rachyl contemplated whether to pay the cost listed on Uber Eats and ended up deciding to just drive to pick up the orders since the restaurant was so close. To her surprise, the cost of picking up the food at her local location was nearly half what she would have been charged for delivery.

“Get off your a** and go get your motherf*cking food. Okay? Don’t Uber it,” Rachyl says, concluding the clip.

The video has garnered nearly 10,000 views and two dozen comments as of Monday morning.

According to CNET, an Uber Eats delivery fee can run anywhere from $0 to $8, but the total cost will include a range of fees, including taxes, a service fee, a delivery fee, and a tip.

Many commenters were in agreement with Rachyl.

“Nothing gets me out of bed & into the car like the thought of paying 6$ for delivery,” one of the top comments read.

“I literally told myself if I won’t get up and get the food myself then I don’t want it enough,” another viewer said.

One user pointed out that not everyone has access to picking up their own food. “Easy said than done when u don’t drive & it’s not close,” they wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Rachyl via TikTok comment and to Uber Eats via email.

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