Black customer praises Cajun chicken fettuccine alfredo, can’t believe it’s from upscale grocer Trader Joe’s

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‘WE LOVE TRADARIUS JOSEPH!’: Black customer praises Cajun chicken fettuccine alfredo, can’t believe it’s from upscale grocer Trader Joe’s

‘Trader Joe’s???????’


Tiffanie Drayton


Trader Joe’s is getting a lot of love from its black customers after one TikToker discovered the grocer’s Cajun chicken fettuccine Alfredo.

In a viral video that has amassed 302,000 likes and 2 million views as of this writing, user Lola (@taymichel_) questioned the ethnicity of the chefs behind the grocery’s pre-made dish, apparently because it was so delicious.

@taymichel_ trader joes is my favorite place on earth 10/10 #traderjoesfoodreviews #cajunpasta #yummy ♬ original sound – l1lspamm

The video used the TikTok audio that says, “I don’t think it’s white folks, I think it’s negros,” as the creator showed off the pasta. “I do not think this is white folks. It could be. It could be white folks. But I think it’s negros.”

Lola isn’t the only customer praising Trader Joe’s delicious fettuccine Alfredo. The grocery store has long been celebrated as one that keeps customers coming back for more of its “unique” and “tasty dishes.” According to its website, the company keeps customers engaged by responding to feedback about which products are loved and regularly switching out inventory to reflect the tastes of shoppers.

Its social media accounts have millions of followers who have formed a community around the brand. However, the company has also been lambasted for its focus on serving middle-class college students in urban neighborhoods. Some argue the store is a symbol of gentrification that can often be found in urban neighborhoods where residents cannot afford the cost of its products.

Nonetheless, the grocery store clearly remains a hit among folks who want good food at a good price. In the comments section, appreciation for the grocer was hard to miss, especially from black users. Many opted to rename the store with a more ethnic-sounding name to celebrate the fact that it makes food that appeals to the pallets of people of color.

“WE LOVE TRADARIUS JOSEPH!!!!!” a user commented.

“Trader Jerome’s,” wrote a second.

“Wayment…. It’s saucy and seasoned real well,” someone pointed out.

“Listen, I knew it was Travon Joe’s when they came out with them Jamaican Beef Patties and they were actually good!” wrote another person.

One incredulous user simply asked, “Trader Joe’s???????” when they learned that it was where the creator’s fettuccine was from.

The Daily Dot reached out to Trader Joe’s via contact form and Lola via TikTok comment for further information.

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