Chad time thief meme, explained

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Chad time thief meme, explained

'I am the chad time thief bc America has made me one'


Parks Kugle


Posted on Sep 24, 2023

If you ever find yourself slacking or taking an extra long lunch break then there’s a meme for you.

Started in 2017, the Chad vs. Virgin meme is a direct comparison between wimpy, yet relatable actions and over-the-top cool behavior. This meme has its own community on Reddit, and has spread across the internet. One version, called the Chad time thief meme, frequently appears on the r/antiwork subreddit.

Unlike the virgin hard worker, Chad realizes that hard work is a joke. His virtues include not snitching on other coworkers, putting in the minimum amount of effort, taking long breaks, and embellishing on his resume. On the other hand, the virgin hard worker is grateful for his job, works to improve himself, and believes hard work will lead to a promotion. He also never takes a long lunch break.

Commenters discussed their transformation from the virgin to the Chad in a thread by u/Hoobaloob99.

“I am the chad time thief bc America has made me one,” a commenter wrote.

“I’ve been the second one for a year now. I play my ds in the cubicle, read manga, watch hour long youtube videos on random bs or sit and browse reddit,” another remarked.

“Funny thing is that most probably start off as the top ‘virgin’ but slowly transform into the ‘chad’,” a third hypothesized. “My conclusion is that the transformation is caused by crappy workplaces.”

In another thread posted by u/-yarick, redditors discussed how accurate the Chad time thief meme is.

“This is the way. Most important rule is to never snitch on colleagues. Nothing contributes more to a relaxed work environment,” one user wrote.

“It’s pointless AF,” remarked a second user.

A third commenter claimed that companies will adjust their expectations as more employees slack off. “The future is companies that accept that ‘goofing off’ is inevitable and the most effective work pattern is working in bursts of inspiration,” they wrote

Quiet quitting, or employees doing the bare minimum of work, has spread across U.S. culture. According to a Gallup poll, quiet quitters make up at least 50% of the workforce. This trend suggests that employees no longer feel appreciated, and benefits of hard work like career advancement, social capital, and personal fulfillment are rapidly decreasing. Some workers are even going so far as to state that they will not take on more tasks unless they are properly compensated.

Proponents of quiet quitting claim that the practice allows workers to prioritize their mental health, family, friends, and avoid burnout. Others believe quiet quitting is tantamount to giving up, and that it adds an extra burden to your coworkers.

The Daily Dot reached out to u/-yarick and u/Hoobaloob99 via Reddit chat for further information.

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*First Published: Sep 24, 2023, 9:12 pm CDT