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Texas Roadhouse family meals—they’re real, and they’ll save you money

But a word to the wise: these deals are exclusive for takeout and may vary across locations.


Kahron Spearman


Posted on Sep 20, 2023

Texas Roadhouse (and its mouthwatering rolls) has become synonymous with hearty, family-sized meal deals in a world where size matters. Found under the “Legendary Features” section on their app or website—available “to-go” and depending on location—Texas Roadhouse family meals encompass a range of dishes bound to satisfy the hungriest patrons.

Texas Roadhouse family meals are the real deal, and we’ve previously reported about them, so let’s break it all down. But a word to the wise: these deals are exclusive for takeout and may vary across locations across the country.

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Top Texas Roadhouse family meals

The crown jewel of these meal deals, according to the Krazy Coupon Lady, is the Family Sized Pork Chops, retailing at $29.99 and promising an impressive 62.1% savings compared to ordering each item à la carte. Other significant savings include:

– 24-count Chicken Fritters: 54.9% savings at $39.99

– Cheeseburgers: 50.8% savings at $34.99

– BBQ Chicken: 49.5% savings at $39.99

– Sirloins: 43.6% savings at $47.99

They come with sides!

Every Texas Roadhouse family meal is complemented with the restuarant’s choice of sides. Priced at $5.98 per pint or $2.99 for individual portions, choices range from Buttered Corn and Green Beans to Mashed Potatoes, Seasoned Rice, and Steak Fries.

How much can you really save with a Texas Roadhouse family meal?

Chicken Family Meals: Opting for the Chicken Fritters or BBQ Chicken, patrons can save anywhere from 49.5% to 54.9% on their total bill. Depending on the Texas Roadhouse, per the Krazy Coupon Lady—it’s a testament to the value of these packages.

  • 16 – 24 chicken fritters (reg. $12.49 for every 6 fritters)
  • Family-sized salad (reg. $12.49)
  • Two 16-ounce sides (reg. $11.96)
  • Bread (reg. $4.99)

Each dish will cost you $66.64 to $79.13 if you purchase them separately, so you’ll save anywhere from 49.5% to 54.9% when you purchase the family meal.


  • 4 marinated chicken breasts (reg. $12.49 each)
  • Family-sized salad (reg. $12.49)
  • Two 16 oz sides (reg. $11.96)
  • Bread (reg. $4.99)

Each dish will cost you $79.13 if you purchased the individual items separately, so you’ll save 49.5% when you purchase the family meal.

This idea can be applied to various ways to other meals, with similar sides and savings.

Pork Family Meals: The Pork Chop Family Meal stands out with a stellar 62.1% savings. The Ribs Family Meal also offers a substantial discount ranging from 37.6% to 38.2%.

Steak Family Meals: Steak lovers can rejoice with the Sirloins deal, which promises a 43.6% savings. However, it’s essential to note that steak temperatures aren’t customizable for family meals.

Other Scrumptious Deals: For those looking for a bit of variety, Texas Roadhouse also offers family meals featuring cheeseburgers and beef tips, with savings ranging from 19.9% to 50.8%.

TikTok endorsements and Texas Roadhouse family meal hacks

The savings and the volume of food one can get through these deals haven’t gone unnoticed, especially on TikTok. Kristen, a TikToker who showcased her Texas Roadhouse haul, demonstrated, per We Got This Covered, how one could save nearly $40 by opting for takeout over dining in.

Her family beef tip meal, complete with a salad, green beans, steak fries, and a plethora of buttery rolls, came in at a mere $50-$55, a bargain considering the quantity and quality.

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Another TikToker, Samantha, sang praises for the family-value grilled chicken meal she procured for just $30. The dinner, as covered by the Daily Dot, included rolls, a full-sized salad, grilled chicken, and two sides. Her video emphasized the value of these deals, especially when compared to the rising grocery prices.

The final word on the family meals

While the availability of these family meals might differ across locations, the unanimous verdict is clear: Texas Roadhouse family meals are the go-to option for those seeking volume, value, and variety. Dining in might offer the quintessential Roadhouse ambiance, but takeout is the way to go for those watching their wallets.

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*First Published: Sep 20, 2023, 5:03 pm CDT