Women explains and shows off her Texas Roadhouse meal prep hack

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‘This was still cheaper than going to the grocery store’: Customer shares Texas Roadhouse meal prep hack

‘You get an insane amount of food.’


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A TikToker recently shared a hack for getting a weeks-worth of groceries for cheap: Meal prepping family-style restaurant platters. 

In a recent video, Samantha (@fatcharlidamelio) showed viewers the food that she purchased from Texas Roadhouse “because groceries are fucking expensive.” As of Sunday morning, her TikTok had over 6.1 million views. 

Samantha claimed that she bought Texas Roadhouse’s “family value grilled chicken meal” for roughly $30. 

@fatcharlidamelio i feel like ive unlocked a meal prep hack #mealprep #texasroadhouse #mealprepideas ♬ original sound – samantha

“I would just like to say: You get an insane amount of food for $30,” she said. 

Indeed, for $30 she received “two big bags of … rolls,” a full-sized salad (customers can apparently choose between their Caesar or house salad), an entree (which, in Samantha’s case, was the grilled chicken), and two additional sides. 

“I got mashed potatoes and green beans,” Samantha told viewers. “I don’t have to cook and this was still cheaper than going to the grocery store.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Samantha via TikTok comment and Texas Roadhouse via email. As of publication, it was unclear whether Texas Roadhouse still sold this menu item as it’s not listed on its website.

Still, a number of viewers applauded Samantha for sharing the deal—even if it’s no longer offered to customers. 

“Y’all are really saving my life bc I’m so tired of cooking, but feel terrible feeding my kids fast food,” wrote one user. 

“I’ve officially been influenced,” said another commenter. 

Others encouraged Samantha to make this a recurring series as they, too, were tired of purchasing expensive groceries each week. 

“Can you make a video about how you ordered it?” asked a third TikToker. 

“You have officially been nominated to do more restaurant meal deals,” wrote another user.

Recently, Chipotle meal-prepping was all the rage on social media. As grocery prices continue to surge, this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

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