Texas Roadhouse worker gets revenge on customers that left to-box, didn't tip

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‘When the table that didn’t tip you comes back for the to-go box’: Texas Roadhouse worker gets revenge on customers that left to-go box, didn’t tip

'Life can be so unfair.'


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Posted on Jul 11, 2023   Updated on Jul 11, 2023, 11:11 pm CDT

A Texas Roadhouse server spotted a to-go box left behind by a customer who didn’t tip, and helped karma along by immediately tossing it in the trash.

The TikTok video documenting the incident came from creator Shelby Edwards (@shelbymedwards), who posted it on June 26, garnering more than 3500 views and 250 likes since going up on the platform.

The on-screen caption sets the scene at this Texas Roadhouse: “When the table that didn’t tip you comes back in for the to-go box they left on the table but you personally threw it away as soon as they walked out.”

@shelbymedwards a tragedy, really 😣 #serverprobs #serverlife #bartenderlife #bartenderproblems #restaurantlife #restaurantproblems #servertok #fyp #trending #heartbroken ♬ original sound – KIRK

In the video, the Texas Roadhouse server is also lip-synching along to audio that says, “Oh, no! Sam, I’m heartbroken! Life can be so unfair.”

The sarcasm travels over to the accompanying caption, which reads, “A tragedy, really.”

Only a few comments came in for the video, but they added to the dialogue, with most siding with the Texas Roadhouse server.

“Do people really not tip?!?!” marveled one person. “I tip and leave little notes lol.”

Another laughed, “Me as a server,” apparently not above being a little petty.

And, finally, someone else dubbed it, “Roadie life,” adding a “lol.”

“Roadie” is slang for someone who works at Texas Roadhouse, and Roadies are consistent creators of TikTok content digging into the restaurant’s very distinctive customer culture.

Past Daily Dot coverage of Texas Roadhouse includes a server showing off the various costumes she got together for the restaurant’s Spirit Week, the same server detailing her encounter with customers who really, really liked butter, a customer asked by a Roadie if her baby needed a drink, and a server who’d recently quit being a Roadie, who needed a TikTok video and then a second TikTok video to talk about all the quirky customer behaviors that annoyed her when she was working there.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Shelby via TikTok comment and to Texas Roadhouse via email.

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*First Published: Jul 11, 2023, 1:29 pm CDT