Texas Roadhouse server shares how much she makes during Spirit Week

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‘I need to be a server again’: Texas Roadhouse server shares how much she makes during Spirit Week

'They can pay me in rolls.'


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Posted on Jul 9, 2023

A server at Texas Roadhouse getting a reputation for her TikTok content once again gone viral after revealing how much money she’s made during the restaurant’s Spirit Week.

In a video posted on July 4, TikToker @itslesbean utilized on-screen captions to signify the theme for each day while showcasing different outfits that matched them.

@itslesbean Y’all have been asking how much I make at Texas Roadhouse so here is a how much I made during Spirit Week! #server #foodservice #serverlife #spiritweek #serverstories #servertiktok #texasroadhouse #restaurantindustry #howmuchdoyoumake #tips #howmuchimakeasaserver ♬ Texas Roadhouse Song – Kevin Moynihan

During the six-day period, she accumulated a total of $868 in tips. The themed days included Western Day, Nerd Day, Aloha Day, Sports Day, Crazy Hair Day, and Hippie Day. Among them, Aloha Day proved to be the most lucrative, bringing in a total of $211 for the TikToker.

Other lucrative days included Sports Day with $183 dollars and Western Day with $156. The least profitable day turned out to be Hippie Day with $87.

The video has accumulated over 24,600 views in five days on the platform, initially going up on Tuesday, with many impressed with the server’s earnings as well as her outfits.

“Maybe I should work there,” one commenter wrote.

“I need to be a server again,” a second commenter added.

“I love working at Texas Roadhouse,” a third shared, remarking, “3 1/2 years strong!”

“They can pay me in rolls,” one more commenter quipped.

This particular creator is not the only TikToker who has shared their Texas Roadhouse experiences on TikTok. Other employees, ex-employees, and customers have also posted videos about the challenges and joys of working at the chain restaurant. Some of the topics they have covered include ideal customer behavior, rolls as lunch, as well as customer requests that annoy them.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok direct messages and Texas Roadhouse via their press email.

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*First Published: Jul 9, 2023, 5:16 pm CDT