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‘People who ask if shrimp can be a side’: Former Texas Roadhouse server shares customer requests that annoy her


Nina Hernandez


Posted on Jul 1, 2023

Every worker has more than their share of pet peeves on the job. One former Texas Roadhouse server recently went viral on TikTok by listing her biggest issues with customers at the chain steakhouse.

The video comes from a former server, J.D., who goes by username @flabigailfartin on TikTok. It’s a “rapid fire things that I hated as a server, particularly a server at Texas Roadhouse” — and remarkably, it’s a follow-up to an incredibly long list the Daily Dot reported on Thursday.

“You guys love the rage, so I’ll just give you some more,” J.D. says in the video. “Six years of rage that I can finally let out.”

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This new list included:

“Cutting me off when I’m doing my intro,” she says. She imitates a customer demanding a water mid-greeting. “Did I ask? Not yet.”

“People who say ‘we literally just sat down’ when I ask them if they want any appetizers to start off with. Okay. Just say you need more time.”

“People who need 15 minutes to look over the menu and then get a six-ounce sirloin with fries and a side salad and with ranch. That’s so innovative. I’m sure that’s not what you get every time you come. Thank you for wasting 15 minutes of my time.”

“People who ask if shrimp can be a side. You know what, sure! Why don’t you get the bone-in ribeye as a side, too? Shut up.”

J.D. spends the next few minutes adding offenses to the list. “I think that’s enough rage for now,” she says at the end. “But trust me. There’s plenty more.”

Many commenters said they can relate to the creator’s rage. Some even added pet peeves of their own.

“People who tell you they’re ready to order then don’t say anything for a full 2 minutes while they look at the menu,” wrote one user.

“‘We just sat down’ is literally THE WORST ONE,” another remarked. “Makes me rage.”

“This is so real and anyone that gets butthurt about any of this just hasn’t been a server,” someone else shared.

Other commenters, including those with service industry experience, disagreed.

“Serving is definitely a hard job, but some of this is petty,” one observed. “I hope you are happier now.”

“Customer service meant something different when I waited tables,” tutted another.

The video has received more than 100,000 views and 500 comments since it was posted June 30.

The Daily Dot reached out to J.D. via TikTok DM and Texas Roadhouse via email for comment. 

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*First Published: Jul 1, 2023, 4:48 pm CDT