Taco Bell customer eating with caption 'is it just me or is Taco Bell kind of expensive now' (l) Taco Bell building with sign (c) Taco Bell customer speaking with caption 'it was always like $17 no matter how much food you ordered' (r)

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‘Costs $30 for dinner for my husband, myself & my 5yo’: Taco Bell customer says the fast-food chain has gotten too expensive

‘It was always like $17 no matter how much food you ordered.’


Brooke Sjoberg


A TikToker’s observation about the cost of Mexican-inspired fast food restaurant Taco Bell has resonated with viewers on the platform, drawing in over 446,000 views.

In her video, @thediaryofrihanna says she has noticed the cost of food from Taco Bell going up when it had previously been a reliably inexpensive option for her.

“Is it just me or is Taco Bell kind of expensive now?” she questions in the video. “I feel like you used to be able to go in and order a ton of food, it was always under $20. It was always like $17 no matter how much food you ordered. Now, it’s, like, kind of expensive.”

This comes as inflation has risen drastically in just the last couple of years, reaching a peak 8.8% in 2022.

@thediaryofrihanna Whats Joe Biden’s plan to lower #tacobell prices? #fastfood ♬ original sound – Rihanna

The Daily Dot reached out to @thediaryofrihanna via Instagram direct message as well as to Taco Bell via email.

While @thediaryofrihanna did not quantify how much of an increase she has personally observed at her local Taco Bell location, some viewers said they’ve seen their order totals rise to exceed $30 for two people.

“All fast food is more expensive now like for two people it’s at least $25-$30,” one commenter wrote.

“It is!” another commenter wrote. “Two Mexican pizzas and two chalupas was like 27 dollars the other day.”

“Yepppp,” a commenter wrote. “The other day we got our kids a 12 pack of tacos and my husband I got crunch wraps. No drinks. Over $30.”

Some Taco Bell locations have been criticized by customers for their prices on specific items; one Seattle location is allegedly selling the Crunchwrap for $10. But it’s not just Taco Bell that has come under fire for its rising prices. Chipotle customers have complained about having to fork over up to $20 for a burrito bowl. A McDonald’s customer recently said she paid over $16 for a Big Mac. And Little Caesars has been accused of becoming more expensive than Domino’s. This is why hacks for the fast-food chains are more popular than ever.

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